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Online resource with over 2000 black artists and labels on Bandcamp has launched online

25 June 2020 | 3:29 pm | Emma Jones

A site called Black Bandcamp has crowd-sourced over 2000 black artists and labels on Bandcamp.

In case you missed it, BANDCAMP has been showing everyone else how it is done lately. The online retailer has consistently waived their usual fees once a month since the global pandemic took off back in March in an effort to get as much money directly back into artists pockets as possible, and the fee-waiving days have becoming something of a phenomenon in their own rights with fans collectively spending millions of dollars each month. Further to that, in light of the global protests that erupted at the start of June, Bandcamp announced an ongoing yearly commitment of donating all profits on Juneteenth to NAACP Legal Defence Fund.

When this was announced, many resources were shared widely online listing many black artists and labels fans could support. Now, a group of people have organised this into a site which has since launched, titled "Black Bandcamp". Crowd-sourcing over 2000 black artists and labels, the site allows fans to sort through those listed in categories of Name, Genre and Location. Or, if you're feeling lucky, you can simply click the Random Shuffle button and it will present to you an assortment of Bandcamp pages for you to check out.

In a statement on the website, organisers wrote, "This site aims to provide an easy way to filter and sort the 2000+ Black Producers / Artists / Labels for Bandcamp Day spreadsheet. The goal of the sheet is to support Black artists, producers and labels through their Bandcamp links."

The volunteer-run site also has an option for adding submissions, so if this is you, you can enter your details here.

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The next fee-waiving day for Bandcamp is Friday, July 3rd, and starts at 5pm AEST.

Words by Emma Jones

Image via Bandcamp