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Reddit users reckon Daft Punk's Random Access Memories is the best dance album of the 2010s

4 August 2020 | 2:37 pm | Emma Jones

Reddit users have been very busy lately, collating a poll to find out the best dance albums of the 2010s with some very surprising results.

As we reported a few weeks ago, users of the subreddit r/electronicmusic have been busy lately and have been participating in a massive online poll to find out the best electronic album of the 2010s. When we last looked, the subreddit had managed to narrow it down to just 100 records, including our very own FLUME and RUFUS DU SOL in the mix. Now, they've gone one step further and actually delivered a ranking of these select 100... and we have some thoughts.

Taking out the poll with the number one spot is dance legends DAFT PUNK and their album, Random Access Memories. While any kind of poll about dance music is sure to have the robot rockers somewhere in the single digits, this particular album taking out the BEST albums of the 2010s has us very perplexed. It is widely regarded as one of the duo's worst albums, and was lambasted upon release by critics who panned the album as failing to live up to expectations. While it did indeed have some gems on it, to say it was the best album of a decade that also delivered Flume's genre-defining records including his self-titled debut, Skin and the Hi This Is Flume mixtape, or Jamie xx's In Colour, or GrimesVisionsSBTRKT's self-titled, DarksideTodd Terje's It's Album TimeDisclosure's SettleJames Blake's critically acclaimed releases and so many more is very much a choice.

All of these aforementioned records do feature in the top 100, which was already a questionable list to say the least. As we pointed out when we last covered the poll, the poll is largely white and male artists. In the ranking, a woman doesn't even appear until number 11 with Nero's Welcome Reality, while it takes until #20 for an artist of colour in Flying Lotus to make an appearance. Of course, this is a purely subjective poll contributed to by users of the subreddit, but it is a rather perplexing way to look back at a decade that delivered a renaissance of electronic music with subgenres and deviations largely spearheaded by women including ARCA, Marie DavidsonRobynYaejiOcto OctaHoney DijonCharli XCX and so many more.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="800"]Best dance album of the 2010s Via our mates at Pilerats[/caption]

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Words by Emma Jones

Main Image via Reddit