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TikTok creators are using the Berghain Trainer website so much it keeps crashing

27 May 2020 | 3:24 pm | Emma Jones

Thanks to a viral video on TikTok, the Berghain Trainer website keeps crashing with kids trying to get into the famous nightclub.

The infamous Berghain is known across the world not only as one of the best but also hardest clubs to get into. The club's bouncer, Sven Marquardt, is almost as famous as the club itself for his tattoos, general demeanour and secret method of deciding who and who doesn't get let in.

The extent of infamy for the club and its seemingly impossible-to-decipher policy what you have to do or look like or sound like to be let in is so wide-reaching that a few years ago, a website called Berghain Trainer appeared online. Using your computer's camera and microphone, it is basically an online simulator of trying to gain entry to the club. The bouncer in the simulator (not Sven) asks you three questions, and the website tracks your voice and body language across four parameters: anger, sadness, euphoria and amazement. It's good fun and definitely not something I've wasted hours using while meant to be working in the past...

Recently, the Berghain Trainer website actually crashed due to being overloaded with traffic thanks to one particular teenager on TikTok. The viral video shows her discovery of the simulator and the club itself, saying the club "vibe checks you" which is the most TikTok statement ever. Since this initial video, many other TikTok creators have gone onto also attempt the simulator, to the point of crashing it and prompting the developers to respond to the increased traffic.

@pjsorbettrying to get into germany’s most exclusive club (while social distancing) pt 1?i’m not gonna stop til i pass the vibe check ##fyp ##berghain ##foryou♬ the berghain club - pjsorbet

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There is now a one-per-day limit of attempts for the simulator, which is probably for the best for everyone involved. Developers also wrote a message on the website saying it was temporarily deactivated until they received 300 euros to go to the site. It appears this may have already happened once or twice before as well, showing just how popular the site is quickly becoming.

Berghain Trainer

And what about when the teenagers realise what may or may not actually happen within the Berghain itself? Well, this video basically sums that up nicely too:


Words by Emma Jones