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Bandcamp set to waive their fees again on May 1st

21 April 2020 | 8:43 am | Emma Jones

Online music retailer Bandcamp has announced they will once again waive their revenue share on May 1st as a huge show of support to artists.

28/04/20 UPDATE: Bandcamp has advised it will continue to waive its fees on the first Friday of the next three months, so extending this to May 1st, June 5th and July 3rd. They said in a statement:

"Musicians will continue to feel the effects of lost touring income for many months to come, so we’re also sharing some ideas below on how fans can support the artists they love and how artists can give fans new, creative ways to provide support.

It may sound simple, but the best way to help artists is with your direct financial support, and we hope you’ll join us through the coming months as we work to support artists in this challenging time."


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After a record-breaking sales day in March saw a whopping $4.3millionUSD spent in a single 24-hour period, online music retailer BANDCAMP has announced they're set to do it all again on May 1st. The retailer will waive their regular fees on music and merch for a full day in a show of support to help artists struggling with the ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 shutdown.

After the first fee-free day in March, Bandcamp said in a statement, "The numbers tell a remarkable story: on a typical Friday, fans buy about 47,000 items on Bandcamp, but this past Friday, fans bought nearly 800,000, or $4.3 million worth of music and merch. That’s more than 15 times our normal Friday, and at the peak, fans were buying 11 items per second.”

“We don’t yet know the long-term impact of Covid-19, but we know that we all need music—to uplift and inspire us, to heal us, and to give us hope. We’ll continue working to make Bandcamp the best place for fans and artists to come together and sustain each other in the challenging times ahead. Thank you again, and we wish you all good health!”

The company also announced they have a few extra surprises up their sleeves, with more details to come next Monday, April 27th.

Words by Emma Jones