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Musicians made $4.3million USD on Bandcamp last Friday

24 March 2020 | 9:48 am | Staff Writer

Bandcamp has shared a lot of good news about the international music community after they announced they'd be waiving their revenue fees.

After Bandcamp announced they'd be waiving their usual revenue fees for a full 24 hours in an attempt to help put as much money in musicians' pockets as possible to help them offset the financial loss of the COVID-19 pandemic, music fans everywhere rushed to the website to do their bit.

Now, a few days after that, the results are in. Far surpassing any other single day's sales, Bandcamp has reported musicians made a collective $4.3million USD for the 24 hour period. This is 15 times higher than Bandcamp's usual single day sales, and proves the community spirit is alive and well in music.

Bandcamp made the announcement via their website, saying, "The numbers tell a remarkable story: on a typical Friday, fans buy about 47,000 items on Bandcamp, but this past Friday, fans bought nearly 800,000, or $4.3 million worth of music and merch. That’s more than 15 times our normal Friday, and at the peak, fans were buying 11 items per second."

"We don’t yet know the long-term impact of Covid-19, but we know that we all need music—to uplift and inspire us, to heal us, and to give us hope. We’ll continue working to make Bandcamp the best place for fans and artists to come together and sustain each other in the challenging times ahead. Thank you again, and we wish you all good health!"

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Read more via Bandcamp.

Image via Bandcamp