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"Thousands of jobs will be lost": Australian music industry has united to call for more government support

10 June 2020 | 11:25 am | Emma Jones

Over 1000 artists and businesses have signed a letter to the government calling for more support in the wake of COVID-19.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="827"]Australian Live Music Image by Jacob Pedersen/Alter Ego Visuals for Purple Sneakers[/caption]

Over 1000 artists, venues and music businesses from across the Australian music industry have joined forces to send an open letter to the Australian government. Calling for more support in the wake of the sudden live music industry shutdown after the outbreak of COVID-19, the industry has united to put forward five initiatives as a way to help those most impacted by the turbulent times it finds itself in.

Archie Roach, Kate Miller-Heidke, Nick Cave, Tina Arena, Jessica Mauboy, John Farnham, Julia Jacklin, Savage Garden, Thelma Plum and many more are just some of the artists who have signed the letter, and organisations including Sounds Australia, Secret Sounds, Chugg Entertainment, Mushroom Group have also joined the cause.

"Australian music is a proud national asset that entertains, comforts, and uplifts our communities. It helps to define who we are as a nation, is a central pillar of our health and well-being and is a key driver of learning in schools. Our artists and industry are always there to come to the aid of our nation during a crisis. Now it is time for the nation to come to our aid," the letter says.

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The initiatives the body have called for include "the expansion of JobKeeper to artists and individuals who have been excluded, an extension of the scheme until at least the end of the year, direct business grants to ensure the survival of thousands of music businesses and venues, a boost to Australia Council funding and tax offsets and red-tape reduction for the sector."

Read the full letter below:



Australian music is a proud national asset that entertains, comforts, and uplifts our communities. It helps to define who we are as a nation, is a central pillar of our health and well-being and is a key driver of learning in schools. Our artists and industry are always there to come to the aid of our nation during a crisis. Now it is time for the nation to come to our aid.

The Australian music sector fell off a cliff on 13 March when Government made the correct and prudent decision to shut the nation down. Without the ability for artists to play and venues to open around the country, the industry lost billions of dollars in revenue. It is estimated the box-office loss in relation to live music alone will be half a billion dollars over six months.

Since then much has been said about the plight of the hundreds of thousands of people who work and pay taxes as musicians, songwriters, screen composers, crews, managers, promoters, production houses, ticketing companies, agents, background music suppliers and those who work in venues and the entire infrastructure needed to publish, record, promote and present Australian music.

From the smallest music venues and festivals in cities, suburbs and towns to the major concerts and events, the Australian music industry is an intricate and complex breeding ground for some of the most acclaimed live talent at home and around the world. Our corner of the global music market has produced a generation of industry operators and professionals that are taking Australian music to the world in a way that is both unique and enviable.

While much of the economy starts to re-open, the ongoing restrictions on large gatherings means our industry will continue to be held back from returning to work. Without immediate government intervention, the Australian music sector will be hit twice as hard as the rest of the economy and thousands of jobs will be lost within months. The long-term cost to Treasury, the economy and the damage to our cultural infrastructure will be immense and long-lasting. We commend the NZ Government for recognising these factors and their announcement of a significant package to save their arts and music industry.

We are a highly skilled workforce with thousands of businesses that continuously adapt to technological change. We contribute $16 billion to the economy and we are an asset that is a lynchpin for the tourism and hospitality sectors and a powerful driver of metropolitan and regional economies and export to the world.

The four thousand plus venues that present live music across Australia are now closed with no certainty as to when a restart is likely or viable. Every $1 spent on live music circulates $3 into the broader community. There is no clear plan to ensure our sector’s workers are going to be supported through this enforced hibernation.

Our industry is resilient, innovative and creative. We fight to stand on our own two feet and in normal circumstances we are self-sufficient. Yet these are not normal times, and we need the support of the Australian Government to help us get to the other side of this crisis. We acknowledge the critical importance of the Australian Government’s economy-wide packages JobKeeper and JobSeeker to deal with the crisis as well as the dedicated funding for Support Act, Australia’s only charity delivering crisis relief services to artists, crew and music workers.

With Australia flattening the curve, there is a huge opportunity for the local music sector to be a boon for a recovering economy. There is the golden opportunity for federal, state and territory governments to incentivise a greater creation and presentation of music. From songwriting in schools, to rebates on recording local content and tax offsets to present live music, we could also be one of the first global destinations for major touring acts.

We understand that the Australian Government is working on an assistance package to the entertainment industry. As part of any assistance, we implore the Australian Government to:

1.  Extend JobKeeper for the music and broader entertainment sector beyond September to ensure the skilled workers, businesses and venues remain viable until trade is realistic

2.  Expand JobKeeper to those artists and workers in our industry who work gig-to-gig and contract to contract

3.  Establish a specific $40million Australian Music Recovery Fund in partnership with state and territory governments, and as part of a broader $345m live performance industry recovery package, to catalyse Australian music nationally and ensure the sustainability of music businesses, service providers and venues over the next twelve months

4.  Boost Australia Council funding with $70 million across all artforms to ensure individual artists including musicians and songwriters can access grants as part of the cultural recovery

5.  Commit to reducing red-tape and incentivising the sector with a rebatable tax offset for live music to support long term rebuild and sustainability for venues and touring, provide an immediate rebate on existing alcohol excise and wine equalisation tax to support the recovery of venues and introduce rebates for the recording of Australian music



170 Russell

Vyvienne Abla, Vyva Entertainment

Chris Abrahams, The Necks / The Benders / The Laughing Clowns

Zac Abroms, Viceroyalty

Letisha Ackland, Balya Production

Kate Adams Fresh Air Artist Management
Ivy Adara

Glen Aikman, Active Displays


David Albert, Group CEO Alberts
James Alberts, Jimblah

Jack Alexander, Wolfjay
John Alexandrou, Elemental

Hannah Allert, Music at Work

Bobby Alu

Aysha Amani

Hamish Anderson

Harry James Angus, The Cat Empire

James Angus

Paul Ankerson, The Rural City of Murray Brudge

David Ansari, Vallis Alps

Daniel Anthony, Flagrant Artist Management

Louise Anton

Brett Aplin

Applejack Music

Kristy Apps

Tushar Apte

Tina Arena AM

Architects of Entertainment Pty Ltd

Craig Armstrong, Enigma Bar

Scott Armstrong, Converge Management

Chris Arnott



Association of Artist Managers (AAM)

Craig Atkins

Evan Atwell-Harris

Kylie Auldist, The Bamboos

Australasian Music Publishers' Association Limited (AMPAL)

Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA) and Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society (AMCOS)

Australian Art Orchestra

Australian Festivals Association (AFA)

Australian Guild of Screen Composers (AGSC)

Australian Independent Records Labels Association (AIR)

Australian Music Centre (AMC)

Australian Music Industry Network (AMIN)

Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA)

Tom Avgenicos


Jason Ayres

Background Providers of Music (BPM)

Badlands Bar

Lisa Baker, City of Playford

Brian Baker

Steve Balbi, Noiseworks


Toma Banjanin

Aaron Bannie, Night Tales

Bar Open

Casey Barnes

EJ Barnes

Jackie Barnes

Jane Barnes

Jimmy Barnes

Mahalia Barnes

Troy Barrett

Dr Steve Barry

Scott Bassham

Mark Batty

Brian Beamish

Joel Beeson, Philadelphia Grand Jury / Normal People Make Hits

Paul Begaud

Hilary Bell

James Bennett

Kevin Bennett

Robbie Bergin, Throttle

Peter Best

Jess Beston, Tiny Monster

Dan Biddle, TCO Artists and Chairman Country Music Association Australia

Graham "Buzz" Bidstrup, The Angels / The Party Boys / GANGajang

Big Apachee


Shane Billings

Lisa Bishop GM, Music SA

Bertie Blackman

Hannah Blass

Vera Blue

Blue Max Music

Will Blume

Tam Boakes, Jive


Adrian Bolland

Linda Bosidis MD, Mushroom Publishing Group

Emma Bosworth

Pieter Bourke

Clare Bowditch

Boy & Bear

Fiona Boyes

Brad Gillies Band

Heath Bradby, Fidelity Corporation

Mike Brady AM

Nathan Brand

Rowan Brand, Tribe MGMT

Jordan Brand

Paul Brandoli

Zachary Brennan

Dave Brewer

David Bridie

David Briggs, Little River Band

Deline Briscoe

Brendan Brogan

Amanda Brown

Oliver Brown, The Big Easy Group

Daisy Brown, Kiss Punch Music

Rohin Brown

Martin Brown

Roxanne Browne, Troy Cassar-Daley Management

Mitch Browne

Gena Rose Bruce

Tim Bruer

Fabian Bucci

Phillip Buckle

Vika & Linda Bull

Andrew Burford

Noel Burgess

Al Burns, Heartstop Music

Kyls Burtland

Nichola Burton

Samuel Michael Burtt, Sam Phay

Charly Butcher

Mike Caen

Michael Caesy

Aydan Calafiore

Mark Callaghan, GANGajang / Support Act

Anthony Callea

Luke Calleja

Adam Callen, Made in Katana

Angus Campbell

David Campbell

Lisa Campbell

King Canyon

Matthew Capper MD, Warner Chappell Music Australia

Flora Carbo

Greg Carey, Grow Yourself Up

Kev Carmody

Caroline Australia

Chryss Carr

Axel Carrington, New Talk

Tim Carroll, Holy Holy
Jack Carty

Shannon Sol Carroll

Michael Casey, Vantage NSW

Sophie Casey

Troy Cassar-Daley

David Allan Caswell

Jesse Catalano, Mr Buzzy/The Buzz Entertainment

Nick Cave

Nic Cecire

Antero Ceschin

David Champion, artist manager

Jeff Chandler, Chandler Music Works

Eric Chapus

Nick Charles

Rick Chazan, Ground Control Music Management

Chris Cheney, The Living End

Cherry Bar

Laura Chislett

Michael Chugg AM, Chugg Entertainment

Chugg Entertainment

Kim Churchill

Joey Cirillo

Peter Clancy

Matthew Clarke

Ian Cleworth

Jen Cloher


Tara Coates

Yael Cohn, Roar Music Management

Ally Cole, Island Records Australia

Zac Coligan, The Jade


Dave Collins, Fresh 927

Maggie Collins, BIGSOUND / Morning Belle

Collision Course Pty Ltd

Christine Collyer

Ed Colman

Colour Nightclub

Peter Combe OAM

Confidence Man

Jeffrey Consi


Natalie Conway

Deborah Conway AM

Hein Cooper

Adam Cope, Five Four Entertainment

Dale Cornelius

Costa Coulouris

Emma Coyle, Part Time Records

Freddy Crabs

Alistair Cranney, Gorgeous Events

Dan Crannitch, Wonderlick Entertainment

Toby Cregan

Naomi Crellin


Stuart Crichton

Kaurna Cronin

Martin Lee Cropper

Dave Crowe, Resin Moon

Mark Cruickshank, Red Jezebel

Bill Cullen, One Louder

Heath Cullen

Will Cuming, LANKS

Tom Cumming, Five Four Entertainment

Josh Cunningham, The Waifs

Aaron Cupples

James Cupples

Peter Curigliano

Amy Curl

Paul Curtis, Consume Mgmt/Valve Records

Paul Cutlan


Daisy Cutter Music

Michael D’Arcy

Gary Daley

Ryan Daley

Burkhard Dallwitz

Fran Daly


Peter Darwin, Flashpoint Pty Ltd

Darwin Railway Club

Lydia Davies

Iva Davies OAM, Icehouse

John Davis CEO, Australian Music Centre

Oscar Dawson, Holy Holy

Jess Day

Wouter De Backer, Gotye

Matthew de la Hunty, Tall Tales and True

Rosario De Marco

Zane Dean, Fresh 92.7

David Debs

Dan Delaney

Jason Delphin

Suze Demarchi, Baby Animals

Paul Dempsey, Something For Kate

Cameron Deyell

Katrina Dickson-Caton


Abby Dobson

Diana Doherty

Tania Doko


Matthew Donlevy, Cooking Vinyl Publishing Australia

Patrick Donlon

Luigi Donnarumma, Cat Lucky

Stella Donnelly

Gregg Donovan, Wonderlick

Nicholas Downey

Matt Downey

Ryan Downey

Robert Dragani

Elizabeth Drake

Lincoln Driscoll

Duan & Only

Jenny Duck-Chong

Mark Duckworth

Howard Duggan

Courtney Duka, Five Four Entertainment

Eric Dunan

Fiona Duncan, artist manager

Toby Dundas, The Temper Trap

Natalie Dunn

Melanie Dyer

Mia Dyson

Steve Edmonds

Christopher Edmondson

Claire Edwardes, Ensemble Offspring

Harry Edwards

Ross Edwards

Lachlan Edwards

Shannen Egan, Turning Heads Agency

Electronic Music Conference (EMC)

Eleven: A Music Company

Eliza and the Delusionals

Ellpee Management

EMI Australia

Matthew Emsell, Wonder Music Co.

Venus Envy

Epilogue Lounge

Eskimo Joe

Bryn Evans

Harley Evans MD, Moshtix

Bob Evans

Dr Sandy Evans OAM

Dorottya Fabian

Jo Fabro

Warren Fahey AM

Peter Farnan, Boom Crash Opera

John Farnham AO

Andrew Farriss AM, INXS

Fady Fatrouni

Anthony Featherstone, The Badloves


Jessica Ferguson, Jess Harlen

Jesse Ferris

Ferris Davies PRM

Billy Field

Isaiah Firebrace

Tim Firth

Danny Fischer

Michael Fix

Nate Flagrant, Flagrant Artist Management

Leah Flanagan, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Music Office (ASTI Music Office)

Jesse Flavell, Sum Management

Jade Flavell, The Wheatsheaf Hotel

William Fleming

Antony Floyd

Jennifer Fontaine, Private Idaho Management

Jamie Fonti, Primary, Caligula

Ben Ford-Davies

Melody Forghani, Twnty Three Management

Ric Formosa, Little River Band

Ali Foster

FourPlay String Quartet

Ken Francis

Dallas Frasca

Alice Fraser

Hester Fraser, Goldheist


Freo Social

Peggy Frew, Art of Fighting

Frontier Touring

Madeleine Frost, Music SA

Johnnie Furno, The Mars It Up Experience

Jeremy Furze, Applejack Music

Jamie Gallacher, New Talk

Brendan Gallagher

Paul Gallagher



Nick Garbett

Ed Garner

Peter Garrett, Midnight Oil

Antonia Gauci

John Gauci

Husky Gawenda, Husky

Matthew Geary, The Ghost Hotel

Hilary Geddes

Tony Genovese, Cool 4 Kids Entertainment

Georgia Germein, Germein

Sue Germein, Germein

Aaron Gibson, The Ghost Hotel

Antony Gilbert

Brian Gilbertson, South Australian Tourism Commission

Ben Gillespie

Graeham Goble, Little River Band

Adam Gock

Dev Gopalasamy

Christopher Gordon

Kiah Gossner

Kristy Gostelow, Kadence Group

Tia Gostelow, Tia Gostelow/Psycho Touring/Lovely Records

Jaime Gough GM, Native Tongue

Ivan Gough

Paul Grabowsky AO

Jack Grace

Rebecca Gracie

Elle Graham, Woodes

Greg Grant

Jacob Grant, Just A Gent

Sarah Grant

Steve Grant

Toni Gray

Stephen Green, Collision Course Pty Ltd / SGC Media Pty Ltd

Johnny Green

Blair Greenberg

James Greening

Jordan Griffiths

Sharon Grigoryan


Guy Gross

Ash Grunwald

Michael Gudinski AM Founder & Chairman, Mushroom Group

David Hallard, Jinglemakers

Ryuji Hamada

Julian Hamilton, The Presets

Elliott Hammond, The Delta Riggs


Brigitte Handley

Peter Hanlon, Living Not Beige Films

Al Harding

Josh Hardy

Cath Haridy ED, Association of Artist Managers

Tom Harris, White Sky Media

Dr Michael Kieran Harvey

Jimmy Harwood

Tim Haslam, Music SA

Ben Hauptmann

Zoe Hauptmann


Fiona Hawkins

Colin Hay, Colin Hay / Men at Work

Claude Hay

Me-Lee Hay

Ben Hazlewood

Larry Heath, National Live Music Awards / Heath Media

Peter Hebbes AM MD, Hebbes Music Australia

Darren Heinrich

Conrad Helfrich

Helium Records

Zac Henderson

Sean Henry


Myles Heskett

Fabian Hevia

Alex Hewetson, Directions in Groove (DIG)

Anthony Hewitt

Nick Hill

Jeremy Joshua Hill

Marcia Hines AM

David Hirschfelder

Rob Hirst, Midnight Oil

Clive Hodson MD, Perfect Pitch Publishing

Jade Holland

Shaun Holton

Sharni Honor, Porch Sessions

Koa Joy Hood

Ella Hooper

Nick Horvat, Five Four Entertainment

Alex Hosking


Elizabeth Sophie Hughes 
Human Nature

Stu Hunter

Wendy Hunter, Marc Hunter Music Estate

John Hutcheson

Catherine Hutchison

Alex Hyman, Red Jezebel

I Know Leopard

Tom Iansek, Big Scary / #1 Dads


I heard a whisper


Tom Inglis, CMAA Board Member


Inner West Musical Festival

Ella Ion

Jordie Ireland

Ashley Irwin

Ray Isaac

Island Records

Alice Ivy

Julia Jacklin

Murray Jackson

Martin Jackson

Michael Jacobs

Jacobs Run

Kristy James

Ian James OAM, Chair AMCOS

Symon Jarowyj


Merryn Jeann


Asha Jefferies

Jack Jericho, Hurley Hotel Group

John Butler Trio

John Curtin Hotel

Heath Johns MD, BMG Australia & New Zealand

Samuel Johnson

Martin Johnson, CHANGE Original Music Festival

Ross Johnson, Country Music Association of Australia

Phillip Johnston

Josh Johnstone

Rohin Jones, The Middle East, R.L Jones

Geoff Jones CEO, TEG

Michael Jordan

Kerryn Joyce

Jungle Giants

Timo Juntunen

Michelle Kam, Wonderlick Management

Rafael Karlen


Terry Karydas

Elena Kats-Chernin AO

Andrea Keller

Lucas Keller, Milk & Honey

Declan Kelly

Alan Kelly

Kristen Kelly

Andrew Kelly

Daniel Kennedy

Jessica Kent

Andy Kent, You Am I

Lee Kernaghan

Naomi Keyte

Flower Kid

Mara Kiek

Llew Kiek

Adam Kilpatrick

Luke Kilpatrick, Parkway Drive

Kindred Studios

Lisa King

Mitch King

Jeremy Kirschner

Evan Klar

Peter Knight AD, Australian Art Orchestra

Emma Knights

Buddy Knox

Peter Koopman

Reuben Koops

Emilio Kormanic

Trentan Kruger

Martin Kubitzky


James Kuijpers, JK Music 2000

Emmanuel Kyriakidis, Pushworth

Plutonic Lab

Genevieve Lacey, Chair AMC


Rebecca Lagos

Alex Lahey

Mark Landon, M-Phazes


Damien Lane

Jeff Lang

Scott Langley

Tom Larkin, BIGSOUND / Shihad

Alexander Laska, Kingswood

Chris Latham

Anna Laverty

Matthew Lazarus-Hall, AEG Presents

Brandon Le Gallez, Marketer / Live Nation Australia

Jacob Lee

Oliver & Louis Leimbach, Lime Cordiale

Damien Leith
Fred Leone

Richard Letts AM

Adrian Leung

Elon Levon

Isaac Lewis

Reuben Lewis

Paul Liccione Honey Trap Band

Dr Sonya Lifschitz

Jia Lih

Liza Lim

Limelight Arts Media Pty Ltd, publishers of Limelight

Fergus Linacre, Kingswood


Little Quirks

Live Music Office

Live Nation

Live Performance Australia

Adam Livingston, Emperors

Mark Lizotte, Diesel

Craig Lock, Five Four Entertainment

Alison Lockhart President, Sydney Chamber Choir

Lolly Box Music

Emma Louise

Jeanette Lowe

Jesse Lubitz, Hear Them Holler


Mark Lucas

Luke Yeaman

Fanny Lumsden

Kris Macken

Andrew Macken, Andy Mak

Stu Macqueen, Wonderlick Entertainment

David MacRae

David Madden

Bruce Maginnis

Marcello Maio

Isabella Manfredi, The Preatures

Michael Mangan

Evan Mannell

Joel Manning

Steven Manovski

Alan & Sharon Mansfield, Sharon O’Neill

Alexandra Mantis, Silena

Jim Manzie

Anthony Marafioti, KTC Entertainment

Elliott Margin, The Rubens

Zela Margossian

Bryony Marks

Simon Marks

Martha Marlow

Andrew Marsh

Julian Marshall, UNIFIED Music Group

Jared Marston

Ryan Martin

Helen Marwood, Gossling

Mary’s Underground

Jake Mason

Roger Mason, Models, Absent Friends

Paul Mason

Tom Matheson, Swirl Records

Jesse Matthes

Jessica Mauboy

Max Watt’s House of Music

Mark Maxwell

Maz Mazak

Drew McAlister

Billie McCarthy

Jack McCord

Anne McCue

Stuart McCullough, Amplifire Music

Eric McCusker, Mondo Rock

Georgia McDonald, Camp Cope

David McDonald

Wendy McDougall, photographer

Geoff McGarvey

Liam McGorry, Dorsal Fins/Saskwatch/Ex-Olympian

Joshua McGovern

Leigh McGrane, Against The Grain Publicity

Ross McHenry

Mick McHugh

Paddy McHugh

Alastair McKean

Brae McKee Bjear

Erin McKimm

Sarah McLeod, The Superjesus

Tyler McLoughlan, The Sound Pound

Matt McMahon

Darcy McNulty, Jazz Party

Sara McPherson, New Talk

Jade McRae

Paul Medew, Custard


Dan Medland, ie:music

Melbourne International Jazz Festival


Merri Creek Tavern

Richard Michael

Mid City

Dominic Miller

Robbie Miller

Kate Miller-Heidke

Belinda Millikan, Groove Brothers and Soul Sister

Molly Millington

David Minear, Bombora

Jen Mize

Dorian Mode

Darius Moldovan

Reg Mombassa, Mental as Anything / Dog Trumpet

Jessica Cerro, Montaigne

Pru Montin

Monte Morgan, Client Liaison

Simon Moor MD, Kobalt Music Group APAC

Clare Moore

Keith Moore

Margie Moore OAM, Moorambilla Voices

Dr Craig Morgan

Peter Morgan

Jenny Morris MNZM OAM Chair, APRA

Lindy Morrison, The Go-Betweens

Duane Morrison, Chunky Move

Rachel Morton, Ground Control Music Management


Ian Moss, Cold Chisel


Audius Mtawarira

Kane Muir


Luke Mulligan

Neil Murray

Lewis Murray, Groove Brothers and Soul Sister

Vance Musgrove, The Aston Shuffle
Mushroom Group

Mushroom Publishing Group

Music Australia

Music SA

Music Tasmania

Music Victoria




Tamika Jai Nacson, Xira / Meeks

Cameron Hollywood Nacson, Cam Nacson / Sadboii / Moza

Oliver Nathan-Truesdale 
National Live Music Awards

Chris Neal

Harry Nelli, Five Four Entertainment
Dobe Newton OAM President, Country Music Association of Australia

Daniel Niedermeyer

Jack Nigro

Dr Tim Nikolsky, Australian Jazz Real Book


Mike Nock

Northcote Social Club

Benjamin Northey

Tom O’Halloran

Chris O’Hearn, Thrillhill Music

Luke O’Shea

Cathy Oates, Original Matters

Ocean Grove

Dr Jamie Oehlers, WAAPA

Cathi Ogden

Old Bar

Clinton Oliver, DV Stargaze

Stephen O'Prey, The Badloves

Origin Music Group

Dean Ormston CEO, APRA AMCOS

Ross Osmon, Five Four Entertainment

Matthew Ottignon

Kiera Owen, New Talk

Oxford Art Factory

Adam Page, Wizard Tone Records

Baz Palmer, Hunters & Collectors

Jed Palmer

Ben Panucci

The Paper Kites

Roz Pappalardo

Michael Parisi

Libby Parker, Expressions Media

Dave Parker Management

Dave Parkin, Red Jezebel

Jules Pascoe, Jazz Party

Emma Pask


Jim & Alex Paterson

Manning Patson

Paul Stepanek Band

Riley Pearce

Craig Pearce

Rebecca Pearce, Adelaide UNESCO City of Music

Owen Penglis, Straight Arrows

Luke Penman, play/pause/play

Jim Pennell

Penney & Logan

Tyrone Penshorn

Vanessa Perica

Tex Perkins

Mike Perry

Samuel Perry, SA Department for Education

Sam Perry

Kristy Lee Peters, KLP

Stewart Peters

Phantastic Ferniture

Philip Stevens, Jarrah Records

Jodi Phillis, The Clouds

Phonographic Performance Company of Australia (PPCA)

Chris Pickering

David Pickvance

Jack Pierce

Laurence Pike, PVT


Rob Pippan, Rob Pippan Productions

Carl Pires

Pitch Perfect Publishing

Steve Pitkin, Melt Frank Music


Jessica Plattner

Thelma Plum

Vincent Plush, Melbourne Conservatorium of Music

Polish Club

Sean Pollard, Split Seconds

Pat Powell

Nathan Power

Timothy Powles, The Church

Inala Preston, Early Warning

Amara Primero

Prince Bandroom

Ian Pritchett

Ian Provest

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets

Josh Pyke

Amber Quin, Origin Music Group

Nina Rabe-Cairns

Hugo Race

Radio 8CCC

Holly Rankin, Jack River

Kim Ransley, Origin Music Group

Steven Rea, The Ghost Hotel


Des Reid

Revolver Upstairs

Sam Reynolds

Hood Rich

Evelyn Richardson CEO, Live Performance Australia

Simon Ridley, DZ Deathrays

Paul Rigby

Kit Riley

Lindsay Rimes

Luke Rinaldi, Sweet Mate Promotions

Elizabeth Riordan

William Risby

Carl Risley

Graham Ritchie

Peter Rix AM

Archie Roach AM

Michael Roberts

Kim Roberts, Music SA

Andrew Robertson

Rick Robertson

Benjamin Rodgers

Ben Rogers

Matthew Rogers COO, UNIFIED Music Group

Tim Rollinson

Anthony Rom

Steven Romig

Poppy Rose

Dan Rosen CEO, ARIA & PPCA

Thomas Rouch


Simon Rudston-Brown, Falls

Joe Russo

James Ryan

Kamaliza Salamba, Night Tales

Petra Salsjö

San Cisco

Rudy Sandapa

Ian Sandercoe

Greg Sangers, Emperors

Marissa Saroca

Scott Saunders

Lloyd Saunders

Diana Sautelle, Electric Fields Music Pty Ltd

Savage Garden

Michael Sayegh, Lighter Than Air

Louis Schoorl

Steven Schram

Dr Andrew Schultz

John Schumann

Andrew Scott

Matt Scullion

Guy Sebastian

Sukhdeep Singh, L-FRESH The LION

Secret Sounds

Section 8

Jonno Seidler, Sound of Silence

Select Music Agency

Sally Seltman

Adrian Sergovich

SGC Media Pty Ltd

Nina Shadforth

The Shang

Justin Shave

Jil Shelton



Phill Shute

Josh Simons, Vampr

Troy Sincock, ABC Radio Adelaide

Bobby Singh

Singhum Records

Cezary Skubiszewski, Composer


Alice Skye

Natalie Slade

Jane Slingo EP, EMC

Michael Slocum

Slow Dancer

Tarek Smallman

Jeremy Smith

Jacob Snell, Monster Management

Liam Somerville, Capital Waste Pictures

Something for Kate

Sony/ATV Music Publishing

Sorrento Strategic Music

Sounds Australia

Drew Southwell

Tonino Speciale

Alister Spence

Michael Spiby, The Badloves


Spotted Mallard

Phillip Stack, Thirsty Merc

David Stanhope

Justin Stanley, Noiseworks

Trevor Steel

Sibylla Stephen, Teeny Tiny Stevies

Prinnie Stevens

Jon Stevens, Noiseworks

Benjamin Stewart

Mitch Stewart

Troy Stoilkovski

Sara Storer

Harrison Storm

Frank Strangio

Ryan Strathie

Liz Stringer

Hamish Stuart

Angus Stuart

Luke Styles

Dan Sultan

Sum Management


Paul Sun

Sunshine & Disco Faith Choir

Dr Daniel Susnjar

Harry Sutherland

Ed Swinburne

Sydney Improvised Music Association

Joshua Talbot, The Big Easy Group

Caleb Tasker, Pleasure Coma

Dale Taylor, Music SA

Michael Taylor MD, Universal Music Australia

Deniz Tek, Radio Birdman

Sammy Telford

Kav Temperley, Eskimo Joe

Alice Terry

Francois Tetaz

The Amity Affliction

The Angels 
The AU Review

The Badloves

The Bamboos

The Beamish Brothers

The Beast

The Bridge Hotel Castlemaine

The Cat Empire

The Corner Hotel

The Eastern Ballarat

The Espy

The Evelyn Hotel

The Forum Melbourne

The Gasometer Hotel

The Spoken Opera Company

The Teskey Brothers

The Thornbury Theatre

The Tommyhawks


The Waifs

The Weather Station

The Westwood Hotel

The Wickham Park Hotel

The Yarraville Club

These New South Whales

Thick as Thieves

Rai Thistlethwayte, Thirsty Merc

Miles Thomas

Andrew Thompson

Thornbury Theatre


Tiger Live Agency

Mel Tickle, Groove Brothers and Soul Sister

Kirsty Tickle, Party Dozen

Jessi Tilbrook, PAK Music

Peter Tilbrook, Woodstock Entertainment / The Masters Apprentices

Sean Timms

Gina Timms


Alisha Todd

Marie Toparis

Michael Tortoni

Parissa Tosif, Vallis Alps

Tote Hotel

Matthew Trainor, Expressions Media

Mary Travers

Leigh Treweek, Handshake Management

Damian Trotter MD, Sony/ATV Music Publishing

Brendan Tuckerman, Tuka

Phil Turico

Guy Turk

David Turley

Mick Turner

Joel Turner

Nerida Tyson-Chew

Uncanny X Men

Jared Underwood

Cameron Undy

UNIFIED Music Group

Universal Music Australia

Robert Upward

John Vallins

Sianne van Abkoude, Girls Rock! Adelaide

Kevin van der Zwaag

Bree van Reyk

Adam Vanderwerf, The Dunes / Night Rites / Going Steady Music

Jordan Verzar, Top Shelf Productions

Jack Vidgen

Benjamin Vidic

Diana Vidovic, Winterman & Goldstein Management

Jonathan Vincent

Carl Vine AO

Pavle Vizintin

David Vodicka Chair, AIR

Simone Waddell

Stephen Wade, Select Music Agency

Marcus Walcom

Sian Walden, Little Acorn Music

Greg J. Walker

Philip Walker Chairman, Origin Music Group

Haydn Walker

Don Walker, Cold Chisel

Stan Walker

Natalie Waller, Head ABC Music and Events

Nick Walsh, One Louder Management

Ben Walsh

Skye Walter, Wing Defence

Tricia Walton, Carclew

Ben Waples, Donny Benet

Gavin Waring

Chelsea Warner

Warner Chappell Music Australia

Harris Waters

John Watson, Eleven A Music Company

Kathrine Wawatai

Jake Webb, Methyl Ethel

Chris Webbe

Belinda Webster OAM

Jessica Wells

Keith Welsh, Manager Icehouse

Dan West

West Australian Music (WAM)

West Thebarton

Nigel Westlake

Juliana Westlake

Glenn Wheatley

Paul White

Charlie White

Tom Whitty

Anne Wiberg, Music SA

Katie Wighton, All Our Exes Live in Texas

Gin Wigmore

Felicity Wilcox

Correne Wilkie, The Cat Empire and Two Shoes Records

Fenn Wilson

Steve Williams

Tony Williams

Benny D Williams

Lee Williams, The Lincolns

Caleb Williams, UNIFIED Music Group

Marlon Williams

Dr Paul Williamson

Julien Wilson

Andrew Wilson

Ed Wilson

Moyna Wilson



Carl Wockner

WOMADelaide + APA

Matthew Wood, Conductor and Artistic Director

Paul Wood, Red Jezebel


John Woodruff

Jesse Woodward

Zoe Worrall-James, Emperors

Marcus D Wright

Yah Yah’s

Joy Yates

Brian Yatman

Caitlin Yeo

Leonie Yeoman

Michael Yezerski

Stavros Yiannoukas, Bluejuice

Nick Young

Sweetie Zamora, Remote Control Records & Dot Dash Recordings

Ross Zanzibar

Gretta Ziller

Jonathan Zwartz

Reuben Zylberszpic, RAZ Music

Words by Emma Jones

Image by Jacob Pedersen/Alter Ego Visuals for Purple Sneakers