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Athletica launches weekly artist-curated newsletter

21 May 2020 | 12:19 pm | Emma Jones

Sydney promoter Athletica has launched a weekly artist-curated newsletter to help connect with their community while in isolation.

With the sudden and complete stop of live events across the world, promoters everywhere are turning to alternative methods to be able to provide connection and culture to their communities. Some have shifted to virtual events, but some have sought to reach out in other ways. One such promoter is Sydney's ATHLETICA, which has just launched a weekly newsletter custom-made to help lift those iso blues.

Each week will be curated by a different artist, and each newsletter will include a Spotify playlist to have impromptu bedroom raves, a corresponding list of Bandcamps for the artists you're playing during said bedroom raves, and some tips and tricks for staying sane in isolation.

Last week, the founder of Athletica herself, ISA, kicked things off in style. For round two, they have Sydney DJ/producer/radio host/MILK TEETH co-founder FLOWER BOY on selection duties.

To sign up, simply head HERE to enter your email address. Athletica newsletters are sent out every Friday, so jump on it now to catch volume two!

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Words by Emma Jones

Image: Supplied