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Andy Garvey has left an incredible legacy over at Triple J's Mix Up

5 October 2021 | 3:25 pm | Parry Tritsiniotis

After an epic 5 years of hosting Triple J's Mix Up show Andy Garvey has hung the boots up leaving behind an incredible legacy of dance music.

The national broadcaster, Triple J, has been copping a whole heap of flack as of late. From supporting bands they might not have, hiring questionable duos, posting overtly ageist tweets etc, all the controversy ultimately centres around one thing, how powerful they are as an organisation in Australia's music scene. It's for this reason that it's been so incredibly special to have a tastemaker of the caliber of Andy Garvey as the figurehead of underground dance at the station, accurately representing the diverse underground dance community of Australia via her show Mix Up. The Mix Up host is one of the most powerful positions in the country in terms of dance music as it acts as a weekly vignette into what's occurring in underground dance music. After an epic 5 years of hosting Triple J's Mix Up show Andy Garvey has hung the boots up. 

Garvey's final show at the station says a lot how incredible her curation was for the show. She kicked it off with an all Australian underground mix, featuring the likes of Sleep D, DJ Plead and Cop Envy, Reptant, Kia all into a melting pot of minimal, electro goodness. Bicep's Week 4 residency mix was also featured, which included euphoric breaks and dubby jungle whic fed perfectly into Naarm based C.Frim's high octane club mix. The final show continues to present mixes from 2020 via dj pgz from NAIDOC Week, SPFDJ, Nina Las Vegas' Aus Music Month Mix, Logic1000 and then throws it back to a high energy, classic house set from Peggy Gou in 2017.

It's hard to properly highlight the legacy of Andy Garvey in the role just given the ridiculous amount of incredible mixes she's hosted. As you go down the list, you'll see so many Australian underground dance stalwarts, most of which, probably wouldn't see any love from Triple J in any other context. On those brief four hours every Saturday night, Mix Up made Australia's underground dance music scene feel seen on Triple J. And for that, we thank you Andy Garvey.

In an Instagram caption, Andy stated, "This show has meant the world to me, and I think that’s only really hitting me now. It’s been so sick to be able to host so many superstars but also uncover so many hidden gems in the local scene. To all the artists who have given me their time, energy and creativity I thank you from my core".

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"I hope that if you ever listened to a show you felt truely immersed in dance culture, that you felt the energy of a dancefloor and discovered so many artists and songs to be obsessed with."


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