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‘It’s Nice to See The Girls Getting Recognition’: Mura Masa Talks Viral Success Of 'Boy’s A Liar Pt. 2'

20 March 2023 | 5:26 pm | Jessie Lynch

"When Ice Spice hopped on it became apparent that it was an absolute bop."



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Following its release back in November 2022, PinkPantheress’ Boy’s Boys A Liar quickly found success in the world of TikTok, before peaking at number two in the charts across UK, Ireland, and Australia.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the track continued its rise to the stratosphere after Bronx-based rapper Ice Spice jumped on a remix for the track, which featured the artists in various locations around New York.

But despite both hits being co-produced by Mura Masa, the producer revealed he didn’t find out until Pt. 2 until he saw the artists together on TikTok.

“I got the news at the same time as everybody else,” Mura revealed to Complex. “I texted [PinkPantheress] straight away and I was like, ‘Yeah, genius, big-brain move. This is gonna be great,” he explained.

The song would go on to hit No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 - something that Mura was pleasantly surprised by.

“I mean, yeah, I don’t even know how to process that information. That’s good. I’m glad people like it. I really like it,” Mura said.

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Asked if he ever thought the track, which he describes as “cute-core…  where it’s not ragey, it’s upbeat, but very emotionally centred", would become the viral sensation it's since grown to be, he added, “Maybe when Ice Spice hopped on it became apparent that it was an absolute bop, but when me and Pink[Pantheress] make music, it normally takes an hour and a half to two hours.” 

“We only make one song at a time, but we’ve done that lots and lots of times. I like all the music we make, but I didn’t think this one would go as far as it has gone. I’m so glad it has. It’s nice to see the girls getting some recognition.”

Speaking previously to NME about how she linked up with Ice Spice, Pink said that the collab came about after the Spice followed her on Instagram.

“I saw that [Ice Spice] followed me because I was on Instagram, and I never go on Instagram,” she said. 

“I thought it was cool because I didn’t think she even knew who I was. I popped in [the DMs] and said, ‘Whenever you’re in the UK, I’d love to meet’. I think she’s really cool, above the music and everything. She said she was a fan [of mine], and I was like, ‘OK, amazing’.”

Pink added, “When it comes to collaborations, I’m quite picky: I always want someone who can match me well on a track.”. 

“Even though Ice Spice does drill, her flows are super unique and the beats she chooses are different. A lot of people would struggle with the beats I choose, but I knew she’d be good for it.”

It was also important to the syrupy-voiced singer that she joined forces with a fellow female artist to break the glass ceiling in a genre that has been traditionally dominated by male artists.

"When I was growing up, I wouldn't want to step into certain rooms because I knew I wouldn't be taken seriously," she told BBC last week.

"I'd go into the studio and, one, there'd be no one that looked like me and, two, people wouldn't really pay attention, you know? That's what's putting [women] off and I think what we should do in order to combat that is [just] make music with other women."

She added, "When you make music with other women it means that you're not in a position where you feel like you're lesser-than, or that anyone's treating you differently because of your gender.”