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Most Instagrammable Australian Music Festivals Revealed

14 May 2024 | 1:38 pm | Mary Varvaris

What Australian festival took first place?

Laneway Festival Brisbane

Laneway Festival Brisbane (Credit: Bianca Holderness)

The results are in, and Queensland’s Woodford Folk Festival has been declared Australia’s most “Instagrammable” music festival.

According to a new study conducted this month, the results come after examining Instagram posts featuring pictures and captions (if a title was unclear but hinted at a festival, the researchers added “fest” or “festival” to the search) from Australian music festivals.

Woodford Folk Festival landed in first place with 35,900 Instagram posts. The popular six-day music and arts festival offers a family-friendly retreat to enjoy music—not just folk, either—in the serene town of Woodford.

Woodford Folk Festival is closely trailed by Laneway Festival, the travelling event that goes across the country (and New Zealand) with 35,100 Instagram posts (and the Melbourne leg leading the charge).

With the festival’s penchant for getting onto a trendy artist earlier than any other event (think Fred again.. in 2023) and feel-good vibes, Laneway offers a day of music that can please just about any festival fan.

After Laneway, it’s Victoria’s annual New Year’s event, Beyond The Valley, with 24,400 Instagram posts. As to its Instagrammable reputation, festivals highlighting electronic and hip-hop music are often supercharged with strobe and laser lighting and jump up-and-down moments.

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The numbers significantly decrease after the top three, with NSW’s Strawberry Fields, Queensland’s Earth Frequency Festival, and Bluesfest Byron Bay offering up 5,000+ Instagram pics. Last but not least, but a testament to its impact after just one year, is SXSW Sydney, which has 1,000+ posts.

The absence of festivals such as Pitch, Good Things, and Knotfest is notable and surprising.

This month, Woodford Folk Festival organisers explained that it’s “crucial” its upcoming event succeeds and revealed a 34% decline in its audience in 2023/24.

The festival’s Managing Director, Amanda Jackes, wrote in an open letter that although the festival’s community spirit “in no way diminished” at its recent edition, “our attendance for the Festival fell way short of what we needed to make it a financial success.”

“Because of the impact of last year's festival results, it’s crucial that this year works,” Jackes continued. “Once again, we’re asking all of you to get behind the festival and help us make it happen. Woodfordia itself is at stake, and we know it is in the downtimes when we need to have faith in our loyal patrons to help us.”