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Cult Adored 1800-Lasagne Are Opening A Live Music Venue

19 January 2023 | 2:27 pm | Mary Varvaris

Another music venue is coming for the Thornbury / Northcote area.

(Source: Instagram)

1800 Lasagne is entering the live music game. While the restaurant already features DJ Nights with Melbourne DJs Lou Klerks, Mendoza, and more, the owner and mastermind behind the brand, Joey Kellock, is promising that bands, electronic artists and DJs can play at his new venue.

Speaking with Good Food, Kellock revealed that he's opening two businesses on the same strip as his Thornbury lasagne restaurant (653 High St). 1800 Lasagne began as a takeaway hotline and eatery, including vegetarian and traditional lasagne before the more traditional restaurant opened. "It’s a pretty amazing space – it’s an old pizza joint on High Street in Thornbury," he told Broadsheet in 2020.

While he initially sought a hole-in-the-wall space, the current restaurant has a dining room, undercover outdoor area, and courtyard - that would've been difficult to resist. 

The first of two new venues 1800 Lasagne will open is a bar focused on live music. The building has a separating archway between two rooms, where Kellock aims to have a gig happening in one space and snacks given out in the other. Kellock said, "Wines of the world, an artist space, a place for music and musicians, and snacky wonders" will be offered to punters.

1800 Lasagne is opening a live music venue in Thornbury - a suburb that already boasts The Croxton Bandroom, The Thornbury Theatre, Shotkickers, and the Hume Blues Club. Northcote is a walk/tram stop away, including the Northcote Social Club, Wesley Anne, Bar 303, and the newly-refurbished Northcote Theatre. While it sounds like a competitive market, enough people will be keen on lasagne and live music that Kellock shouldn't have an issue.

The current title for Kellock's music venue is Dopolavoro, which translates to "after work" in Italian. Meanwhile, the other business he's opening will be a sandwich shop close to his other companies. That one will be called 1800 La-sanga. 

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