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Mashd N Kutcher Issues Health Update, Reveals New Album Is On The Way

26 April 2024 | 10:02 am | Mary Varvaris

Mashed N Kutcher's Matt James has “written and produced an album for the band plus another 30-ish records finished ready to go.”

Mashd N Kutcher

Mashd N Kutcher (Supplied)

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Mashed N Kutcher’s Matt James has taken to Instagram to issue a new health update, reveal a new album is on the way, and say he’ll return to the stage in a matter of days.

Over the last year, James has experienced weekly treatment for a kind of blood cancer called Multiple Myeloma. While he has a long journey ahead of him, James wrote that he has “an amazing medical team working on it and we’re getting on top of things.”

In the time he’s been receiving treatment, James shared that he’s “written and produced an album for the band plus another 30-ish records finished ready to go.”

At the time of writing, he’s not yet clear to fly, so next weekend, Mashed N Kutcher will play a hometown gig at Brisbane’s new nightclub, Eclipse. On Sunday, 5 May, the band will “be playing a 360-degree show with a killer lineup and the DJ setup in the middle of the dance floor boiler room style. Proper rave.

“I’m nervous but excited and I can’t wait to see you all there,” James wrote. Tickets are on sale now – you can find them here.

In November, Mashed N Kutcher released the feel-good single It’s Alright. 100% of the track’s streaming royalties will forever go to cancer research, support, and awareness in partnership with Myeloma Australia.

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“Multiple myeloma is named as such because it lives in the blood in multiple areas of the body,” James explained in a statement. “I went to Physio with arm and rib pain, leading to scans revealing the bones broken and a diagnosis that cancer had already spread to 80% of my blood, giving me months to live. The team at the PA Hospital wasted no time starting chemo, followed by more procedures with the goal of remission. There is no cure, but it’s manageable with maintenance, so we’re positive and hopeful for the future.”

James added that he’s lost physical strength and time but hasn’t lost the opportunity to make something good out of the horror he’s facing.

“I’ve gained resilience, drive, and most importantly, insight,” he said. That’s where It’s Alright comes in.

“In light of the opportunity I’ve been given to use the platform, I’ll be donating 100% of MNK’s streaming artist revenue from this song to Cancer Research, Support, and Awareness; every stream for life will contribute; I’m working with Myeloma Australia so it’s impactful in the best way possible.”