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Lovejoy Are Hosting Moktar And A Secret Headliner At A 14 Hour Bridge Rave

27 October 2022 | 2:01 pm | Parry Tritsiniotis

With a hot hot list of local supports.

Lovejoy have announced their next huge party, taking over The Bridge Hotel on Saturday December the 10th for their event re:joice. 

The line up features moktar, who is just about to wrap up his huge debut tour of Europe alongside a long list of legendary local acts. It includes Adriana Beach, Baschoe, E Davd, Lovejoy, Moktar, Nino, Tangerine, Twinsanity and a very special secret guest. Previously, Lovejoy have hosted Wax'o Paradiso and Tornado Wallace as their guest morning selectors, so we are keen to see who they have in stall this time. 

The Lovejoy mantra is one that is focussed on providing a safe and carefree outlet for local music, whether in the form of an event of release. The outfit, headed by Jack Colquhoun and Morgan Huggins are acting vital members of what makes Eora/Sydney dance music so surreal and wonderful. A pair of humans that are truely dedicated to ensuring that the fabric of local dance music is platformed appropriately, whether on a 12 inch vinyl, in a bunker, a fully kitted out warehouse or in a licensed venue.

Last year, moktar took out the top spot on our list of the Best Songs of 2021, for his track Silk which landed on his debut EP under the moniker via Steel City Dance Discs. Now he is gearing up to release his sophomore EP, Immigrant out on the same label. It features now released singles Immigrant and North Africa. The latter of which pays homage to his cultural home. 

“I wanted to create this track highlighting similarities between North African countries and its beauty - through its history and close ties to the Middle East”

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You can grab all the details for the party HERE.