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Lizzo Pressured Into Doing A Tequila Shoey At Sydney Show

25 July 2023 | 11:02 am | Jessie Lynch

“Fuck, Australia! How are you guys still walking if that’s how you take shots?"


Lizzo (Twitter)

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It’s basically an unwritten fact that if you’re an international artist playing Down Under, at one point, they will inevitably be pressured into taking part in one of our most beloved yet controversial traditions: The shoey.

Between downing shoeys, playing at Splendour In the Grass, and hitting up a local karaoke bar, it looks like Lizzo is having the time of her life Down Under, and now, it looks like she’s become the latest artist to join the club after she partook in a shoey during her Sydney performance at Qudos Bank Arena on Sunday (July 26).

While interacting and receiving gifts from the crowd during the show, an audience member gifted the Truth Hurts singer a bottle of tequila.

Inevitably, this led to the crowd chanting, "Shoey!" at the hitmaker.

“Take a drink from my shoe? Is that what you’re saying?” Lizzo asked the crowd, adding, “My shoe? My shoe is disgusting. I can't drink out of my f***ing shoe; what's wrong with y'all?"

But she soon relented, dropping the bottle of tequila inside her boot while adding, “A reminder that this is fucked up.”

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“I got a bottle of tequila I’ve been saving for you,” Lizzo declared, quoting her song Good As Hell before skulling from the bottle inside her boot as the crowd chanted, “She’s a pisspot through and through!”

“Fuck, Australia!” she yelled. “How are you guys still walking if that’s how you take shots? I am scared that we’re not going to get through the rest of the show if I don’t start singing and singing soon.”

She’s not the first artist to partake in the gross and confusing tradition. Back in February, Harry Styles also became an unofficial Aussie after downing a shoey on stage.

"It’s been a dream of mine," the As It Was singer said before pouring the contents of a bottle into his own shoe.

"This is one of the most disgusting traditions I’ve ever heard of," he added, then went for it, downing the contents of his sneaker before putting it back on his foot.

Addressing the audience after the shoey, he commented, "I feel like a different person; I feel ashamed of myself. It feels so personal, such an intimate moment to be shared with so many people. I’ll be discussing this with my therapist at length."