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Kerser Thwarts Taylor Swift To Nab First Ever ARIA #1

30 June 2023 | 6:04 pm | Jessie Lynch

"I don't even feel right taking credit here, because it's the fans that did this."


Kerser (Supplied)

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Kerser has well and truly proved that his tenth and final album A Gift & A Kers is undoubtedly his best work, with the news that the album made a #1 debut on the ARIA Albums this week, halting Taylor Swift's victory lap as she landed in #2.

After having teased fans for two years with five of the album's singles - Seen It All, Winner, Like I’m Trapped, Telem How and Been Some Time - the self-made rapper dropped his highly-anticipated pièce de résistance in the form the 23 track masterpiece A Gift & A Kers last week and it seems the wait was certainly worth it.

Announcing the massive news of his first ever number one album via Instagram (June 30), Kerser thanked fans for their ongoing support over his decade-long career alongside the cheeky caption, "KERS FANS ! WE GOT THE NUMBER ONE ALBUM IN THE COUNTRY ! including international !!!! SLIDE ACROSS for charts.. taylor swift got 2,3,5,6 .. but couldnt get da kers !!!! NUMBER 1 !"

"Yo we just got word that album 10, Kerser - A Gift & A Kers is the number one album in the country, we went number one!"

"I just have to give a massive shout out to my fans, I don't want to sound cliche but anyone who's followed my career knows I give all credit to the fans - I don't even feel right taking credit here because it's the fans that did this," he began.

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"For over a decade now, the fans have had my back and they've gone hard for me, so I can't thank you enough. We did it the reason this - number one is so important and different to other artists is because this was done without a machine - we had no radio plays, no radio [station] would touch it in any playlists." 

He continued, "This has gone number one just strictly off the fans - directly off the fans demand - and I can't thank the fans enough, we did it! We got the number one album!" 

He went on to shout out producer and artist Open Til L8 "for the crazy beats" and "everyone else who had a part in this album." 

"We went number one, baby,  we did it - Kerser, the sickest."

ARIA CEO, Annabelle Herd, said of the epic achievement: “Kerser is a phenomenal example of independent artist success in Australia and someone whose career path we need to celebrate at a time where we search for more ways for artists to connect with Australian listeners." 

"Huge congratulations are in order, especially as we hit two weeks in a row of Australian #1s!”

Kers previously hit #2 on the charts with his 2019 album Lifestyle, #3 with 2020's Roll The Dice.

You can check out Kerser's A Gift & A Kers below.