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Kanye West Sued By Former Fan For Alleged Battery & Assault

11 January 2024 | 2:12 pm | Ellie Robinson

The plaintiff alleges he approached West for an autograph, but left with severe injuries.

Kanye West

Kanye West (Supplied)

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Kanye West has been smacked down with two new lawsuits, stemming from a 2022 incident that allegedly saw him assault a fan who asked him for an autograph.

According to legal documents sighted by TMZ, West is being sued for battery and assault by the (obviously former) fan – who remains anonymous at the time of writing – who seeks damages on the grounds that’s he’s suffered physical violence and emotional distress at the hand of the highly controversial rapper.

He reportedly claims West lashed out at him verbally, allegedly screaming that he would “make a fucking example of” him (and referencing his messy divorce from model Kim Kardashian) before hitting him. The plaintiff says he then asked West for an apology, to which the latter replied, “Apology for what?” From there, it’s alleged, West hit him again, multiple times, “severely injuring” the victim.

Video from the alleged incident leaked shortly after its believed to have occurred (in January of 2022), showing West screaming at a member of his entourage while an unidentified man – assumed to be the plaintiff in this lawsuit – lays on a sidewalk.

In the newly filed lawsuit, the plaintiff claims one of West’s accomplices tried to stop the attack, but they were promptly shut down by the rapper, being screamed at to “go to the fucking house and get [West’s] fucking kids”. All of this is said to have gone down in Downtown LA, where West was recording new music at the time.

The plaintiff’s wife is also suing for a loss of consortium, claiming she “lost the companionship of her husband” over his altercation with West.

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In other recent news, West’s collaborative album with Dr. Dre, Jesus Is King 2 – which was seemingly cancelled amid the former’s string of controversies throughout 2022 and 2023 – leaked online last September.

West has been dominating headlines over the past few years after he took a sharp right turn into overt fascism, spouting vile anti-Semitic, racist and sexist rhetoric at every chance he’s given. Nevertheless, his career remains intact (proving once and for all that “cancel culture” is a bullshit concept) and he plans to release Vultures, a joint album with Ty Dolla Sign (under the moniker ¥$), in less than 12 hours.