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Kanye West Is Getting Roasted Over His Latest Outfit

16 May 2023 | 12:13 pm | Jessie Lynch

"Kanye looks like a character from 007 Goldeneye 64"

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He's known for his unique fashion and recent penchant for wearing enormous black gumboots, an d now Kanye West has once again managed to draw comments for his latest eye-raising ensemble.

Stepping out of a West Hollywood venue earlier this week with his Aussie "wife" Bianca Censori, it wasn't Yeezy's new love interest that got fans talking - rather, it was his bizarre outfit that consisted of tights, a questionable bulge in his pants, and shin pads.

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Ye's whacky street style quickly caught the attention of social media users, who went to town ripping into the rapper's eccentric attire - including UFC fighter Derek Brunson, who joked, "Why Kanye walking around town with Muay Thai shin guards on?"

Sharing the pic on social media, pro wrestler Matt Cardona added, "Kanye is wearing kick pads now?!"

The memes spread like wildfire, with many pointing out some hilarious comparisons.

One Twitter user quipped, "Kanye looks like he’s ready for Mortal Kombat," while another added, "Kanye looks like a character from 007 Goldeneye 64."

A third joked, "Why does Kanye dress like he is heading to a Star Trek audition?"

Other fans were simply baffled by the quirky ensemble and were left with more questions than answers.

"I have SO many questions. Why is he wearing a rubbish bag as a top? Why is her phone down her pants instead of the bag she is holding? Why is his bulge on show? So many questions," one exasperated Redditor asked.

Another said, "Why is he wearing leggings. Meggings?"

It's certainly not the first time Yeezy has caused a stir with his freaky fashion. His recent outings in which he continually wore giant, black gumboots also didn't go unnoticed, with some likening the Famous hitmaker's footwear to that '60s cartoon robot, Astroboy.