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Huskii's Show Cancelled After He Claims He Was 'Extorted By NSW Police'

11 October 2023 | 1:42 pm | Jessie Lynch

"Hopefully one day I can perform in my hometown and make a living off my music again."


Huskii (Instagram)

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Rapper Huskii has revealed he’s again been forced to cancel a show in his hometown of Wollongong over pressure from NSW police.

Breaking the news over Instagram, the Ruin My Life rapper claimed that NSW police had informed him he would have to pay a $30,000 police fee if he wanted to go ahead with the show, which was to be held tonight at Dicey Riley’s.

The show was also set to see a slew of up-and-comers performing, including Ribby, Gravy Baby, Skem, Mic Pompei, Kote$, Kash Kal and Indigomerkaba.

"Another show canceled [sic],” Huskii began in his Instagram post.

"We just been extorted by NSW police AGAIN!! They reckon [sic] if we wanna do the show in Wollongong I need to pay a $30,000 police fee. We can't do this, and I don't know what to say for the future, but I am sorry this happened again."

"Hopefully one day I can perform in my hometown and make a living off my music again. Loves yas [sic] all for buying tickets. I'm propper shattered I let yas down, but no matter what happens, I will always make music. I can't live with myself if I don't (trust me I tried).”

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“My new album is better than anything I've heard, and I can't wait to show you all. FTP, we don't do this shit for money, you dumb dogs won't stop me 🐶."

He added, "Keep an eye out in your emails for refunds. Sorry 🙏🏼."

Speaking to Purple Sneakers, Huskii elaborated: “They pretty much just extorted us — they want a 30k policing fee and then extra security on the door and inside the venue. It’s fucked, there’s no way anyone can do that — and they know this — they gave us eight days notice.”

“This is the only way I can make money these days, I dunno what’s gonna happen when I release my new album — they probably won’t let me tour, it’s killing my bank account.”

When asked to comment on the situation, NSW Police told Purples Sneakers: “While police provide safety and security advice to venues, promoters, and other stakeholders ahead of major events, the decision as to whether or not an event will proceed lies with the relevant venue.”

“For additional information about the NSW Police Force’s User Pays system, you can find details on our website:”

It’s not the first time Huskii has run into issues with NSW Police when it comes to performing shows.

Back in June, rap fans in Sydney were left fuming after a show co-headlined by Fortay, HUSKii and Kearve was also shut down by NSW Police.

The show, dubbed Run It Back, was being held at the Bank Hotel in Newtown. It’s unclear exactly when it was shut down, however, concertgoers shared footage of both Fortay and Kearve performing online. Reportedly, HUSKii was not able to perform at all.

In a formal statement provided to Purple Sneakers at the time, a representative of NSW Police said: "About 12am (Sunday 4 June 2023), officers attached to Inner West Police Area Command were called to a licensed venue on King Street at Newtown, following reports of crowds refusing to leave. Officers assisted with dispersing the crowd, who became compliant and left the area."

Speaking to Purple Sneakers, Fortay said that Kearve and HUSKii both had their sets cut short, and police made no effort to communicate with organisers before shutting down the show. He explained: "Police brought sniffer dogs through three separate times during the night which is highly unusual. There was no communication between police and myself nor did I hear anything from management.

"The power was cut and it wasn't until I walked through the crowd, up to the sound man, that they told me police had shut it down. I got back onstage and with a microphone, had to quiet the crowd to tell them it was over due to police shutting it down.”

He added, “No police entered the building but six cars and 20 cops waited outside as management herded patrons like sheep out onto the street, where police awaited."

Purple Sneakers has reached out to Huskii for comment on the latest saga.