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Hand Games Announce Zine #2

26 May 2015 | 11:00 am | Hannah Galvin

Music collective Hand Games have put together their second zine edition fuelled by a bunch of talented heroes.

Last week saw the 8th annual Zine Fair take place at Sydney's Museum of Contemporary Art. The cool, hip aunty to the family scrapbook, it's useful for literally any topic; whether that be a dedication to beards, a how-to on origami or why red wine is better than white. A music collective who've jumped onto the zine bandwagon are of course the HAND GAMES crew, and have just announced their second edition!

Always at the forefront of discovering underrated, left-of-field artists, Hand Games have used their skills on a larger scale in order to sought those currently killing it in the industry, in order to create their mammoth second zine.

Including interviews with Mac DeMarcoMikey YoungRoland TingsRatking and Bedroom Suck Records, zine sifters will also come across scribbles from Courtney Barnett, Rainbow Chan and Oscar Key Sung, and discussions on The KnifeDev HynesTwo Bright Lakes and Ella Stiles.

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For 64 pages complete with a bloody beautiful photo of Mac Daddy to grace the cover, grab your Hand Games zine for just $8 via their Bandcamp. They've even used recycled paper because saving the environment is ace.

Sydney pals feel free to go one up and, for Hand Games will be launching the zine at TAXX this Thursday, 28th May alongside a Chela DJ set.

Words by Hannah Galvin.