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Frank Ocean Fans Think He Is Uploading Music To Spotify Under An Alias

9 March 2023 | 11:06 am | Parry Tritsiniotis

The account he is allegedly uploading from is verified.

Image: Provided

Image: Provided

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Fans suspect that Frank Ocean is uploading old music to Spotify under an alias.

A Spotify artists account blondead has uploaded songs to the platform. They posted three tracks from his compilation The Lonny Breaux Collection which released in 2010.

The account has uploaded sucka for love, bedtime story and miss you so have been uploaded to the account. 

Making fans even more suspicious is that the account is verified. 

The reactions on Twitter from fans are genius, with one user saying, "Oh my GOD sucka for love is finally on Spotify - Frank is hilarious for this - not Blondead."

Another said, "how did i not clock frank ocean been uploading old music on Spotify under a different moniker."

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It was just last September that fans suspected that Ocean would release an album after he cleared his socials.

A secret Spotify account isn't the first time Frank Ocean has caused a fan storm. His last move in the public eye came in the form of the release of a cock ring via his luxury brand.

The new collection features an XXXL H-Bone Ring, a diamond 18-karat gold cock ring, pendants, earrings and a key chain. 

The prices are absolutely outrageous, with the keychain beginning at $310 all the way up to the cock ring, which costs $25,570 USD.

All the pieces are currently on sale at the Homer brick and mortar story in New York City and is available online via their website HERE.