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Flex Mami And Hooligan Hefs Share Secrets Of The Hustle With 'I Rise, We Rise'

20 March 2023 | 3:07 pm | Jessie Lynch

"We're going to keep getting bigger, showing people what's possible."



There’s no doubt there’s been a major cultural shift in the past few years when it comes to what defines a “successful” artist.

Gone are the days when the Top 40 defined what was the “in”, as more and more artists are finding fame and success through hustling via social media, rather than the traditional avenues like radio airplay and record label promotion. 

In the past, the music industry was dominated by a relatively small number of major labels, which had enormous resources and control over the distribution and promotion of music.

Now, we’re seeing artists from all walks of life getting the chance to showcase their talent to the world in a way we’ve never seen before.

Among these are local success stories, author, DJ and media personality Flex Mami and ARIA-nominated emcee Hooligan Hefs, who have both dominated the music scene in recent years. 

The pair have now joined forces with Whisky giant Chivas Regal, as it expands its global New Regals platform with the launch of the two-part video series I Rise, We Rise, where the Aussie talents share their stories of progress, success and the power of community.

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I Rise, We Rise champions the underdog who challenges the Australian mainstream narratives of success, starts difficult conversations, and uplifts others in proving the possibility of success outside the norm. 

The first episode of I Rise, We Rise spotlights the multifaceted talent that is Lilian Ahenkan aka Flex Mami, where she shatters preconceived ideas about how she achieved her major success.

"[People say] 'It must be because you were really smart in high school'. No, almost failed. 'It must be because you came from a wealthy family.' No, I had a single-parent household. my mum was a cleaner," she says in the episode.

“I’ve done all these amazing things, gotten all these amazing opportunities… I don’t gatekeep how I got here. Choosing to maintain the success narrative in a really open way is one of the biggest gifts that I can give."

"What sense does it make for my peers to not come along with me?" she adds.

The series also sees Platinum-selling Western-Sydney emcee and pioneer of Australian drill Hooligan Hefs, who shares a message of accountability with his community while sharing secrets of his own success since he first made his monumental breakthrough in 2019.

“People think Western Sydney is a rough area. But coming from here, it’s a blessing. All obstacles you face here, they’re lessons,” he explains in the episode.

“You know, my brother Hugo, he was actually the one that helped me blow up. He posted a video of me doing a freestyle and the feedback made me think I could do it.”

He continues, “The new wave is much more reflective of what Australia is today. Me, my brother and my crew, we feel responsible. We're going to keep getting bigger, showing people what's possible.”

Chivas Regal presents I Rise, We Rise amid the continuing cultural shift as a means to celebrate the next generation who are challenging perceptions of what success looks like with a hustle-led ambition and unapologetic drive.

You can find out more about Chivas Regals' I Rise, We Rise here.