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Finding your feet: Where to rest your weary head this festival season

14 December 2018 | 3:47 pm | Caitlin Medcalf

I gotta tell you, as the years go by, festivals seem to get harder and harder on the body, the mind and the bank. I mean, when you take out of the equation how long a festival might run for, there's a lot that goes into planning your day. Once you've got your cash sorted, outfit planned, mates together and timetable marked and ready to go, you've still got to worry about how you're getting there, how you'll be getting home and the biggest decision of them all, where you're going to stay.

I can tell you right now that first and foremost, I'm over camping. Those freezing cold nights where three blankets, a sleeping bag and two pairs of socks isn't enough and within the same 24 hour period, you wake up to the scorching morning at 7am feeling like you've just woken up in a sauna. Yeah, that kind of camping. There's something about walking into the portaloos after day three of a festival that really makes you think, “Is this all worth it?”

Hotels and motels seem like a good idea, but at this time of year, the calendar's been booked out for months, prices are at an all time high and with this information, you'll find yourself settling for a room at least one an hour out from the festival because it was 'the cheapest option' and then spending more than anticipated on transport because there's a surcharge on your fav ride share.

At this point, you're really scraping the bottom of the barrel here and considering hitting up your mate that lives down the road from the festival to chill on their floor for the night.

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What if I told you that you could have a bed, shower and a good time with your mates that won't break the bank? Well you can! Thanks to YHA Australia.

With over 70 locations across the country, I can probably guarantee that there'll be a YHA within proximity of where you're wanting to party. Whether you're closer to the bustle of the city or staying close by the beach, get yourself a room at YHA.

A common misconception about youth hostels is that your only option is to stay in a room with people that you don't know. Well, let's dispel that myth right now and let me tell you - ya got options kid. You can choose to stay in a shared room, or you can spend that little bit extra and get a private room OR a premium room. This just usually means you may have a bigger TV, access to a private ensuite and some other goodies too. Definitely gives some hotels a run for their money.

YHA Australia are potentially one of the most affordable accom options you can find, particularly in the thick of such a season that's typically more expensive than the rest of the year. Fun fact for you - YHA is a not-for-profit, so they're in the business of keeping it real and investing the cash they earn back into their hostels around the country. And let's face it, if you can save all of the cash you can to spend at the festival, why the heck wouldn't you?

And the best part of staying with YHA Australia? The social aspect. You're heading to a festival to have fun with your pals, and if you've ever stayed at a youth hostel before, you'd know how much of an emphasis there is on community. With a heap of communal spots and opportunities to get to know the other people staying at the hostel, there's so many ops to turn a quick stay into an experience.

To check out all of the A+ options for youth hostels to crash at this festival season, head on over to

Photo by Charl Anfield for Best Before