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FBi Click Programs Celebrate the Station's First Birthday

23 June 2015 | 10:24 am | Hannah Galvin

In celebration of FBi Click's first birthday party, we asked a bunch of fellow shows to spread the love for our fave dance-enthused, digital radio station.

Crazy P, Odesza, The 2 BearsPorsches, Sammy Bananas, Nadastrom, Hoodboi, Promnite, Treasure Fingers... These are just a handful of names we've humbly invited into the abode that is our weekly radio show; made possible thanks to FBI CLICK.

The little sister to Sydney community radio station, FBi 94.5FM, FBi Click embraces talent changing the game in electronic, dance, r'n'b and hip hop music; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

An extremely unique entity, the heart of Click is nourished by a small community of dancefloor enthusiasts, donating their time in order to capture and broadcast those artists thinking outside of the box. In fact, some of the FBi Click presenters practice what they preach through their very own composition!

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A community we're so very grateful to be involved with, we're extremely proud to be helping FBi Click blow out the candle of their first birthday cake at Goodgod this weekend. Before we get there, we caught up with a bunch of our fellow FBi Click comrades to toast this very special occasion!

w/ Klue and Sam Z every Tuesday @ 4-6pm

Describe your FBi Click show in three words:  Afro, Latin, Bass.

What to expect from your Click birthday DJ set: Frantic percussion, Afro vibes, Latin vibes, Bass vibes, vibes vibes vibes......

Most memorable FBi Click moment: Repping FBi in the Musica Copa. A classic cinematic underdog story right there!

Artist/s to check out: Ribongia, Os Vagabandas, Boris Bangaltar, Clap! Clap!

w/ Mealo and Amelia every Monday @ 4-6pm

Describe your FBi Click show in three words: Bad bangin' princesses.

What to expect from your FBi Click First Birthday DJ set: A whole heap of ridiculous club tracks from all over the world.

Most memorable FBi Click moment: Winning Best Show at the FBi Christmas party. Thanks to all our #fans ❤️

Artist/s to check out: Imaabs from Mexico and basically any from the Naafi crew.

w/ Tobio and Roleo every Wednesday @ 6-8pm

Describe your FBi Click show in three words: Beats, bass, future.

Most memorable FBi Click moment: Purple Sneakers boys in the studio next to us, dancing HARD OUT to Fatman Scoop. lol

Artist/s to check out: Sydney beats scene and trap game is strong af rn, very recently dudes like Entheo, Aywy, Grasps, MXXWLL have all dropped some very legit music. Also labels Gentle Records, Uncomfortable Beats (MEL) and Dirty Shadows Project (Brizzy).

w/ Arka, Dhruva and Ash every Thursday @ 8-10am

Describe your FBi Click show in three words: Beats, Bangers & Banter.

What to expect from your FBi Click First Birthday DJ set: You can expect an eclectic mix of dance, house and disco tunes you're not likely to hear anywhere else.

Most memorable FBi Click moment: Black Vanilla (BV) coming on the show for a two-hour takeover. The show premieres this Thursday, June 25th. They release an exclusive singles from themselves and play a few tracks from unknown, on the rise Sydney DJ's. Keep your ears to the ground for that one.

Artist/s to check out: Little Simz, Novelist, FA KE, Person Of Interest, Thomas William Smith, DJ Logic and Plead.

w/ Pat, Andrew, Vivi and Francis every Friday @ 4-6pm

Describe your FBi Click show in three words: Fun with techno. Always. That’s been our mantra from the start of MTK, from the warehouse to the airwaves. You can probably expect a lot of stupid waffling from us, too, and occasionally some swearing (sorry guys).

What to expect from your FBi Click First Birthday DJ set: Fun with techno. MTK XTC NRG. Stuff like that. The Motorik Vibe Council is some totally everchanging beast - at various times featuring members of CSMNT61, Dreems, Infusion, The Lost Valentinos and, um, me (Vivi). So it’s not some banging techno oddity - it’s fun synthy 4/4 beats.

We love labels like Comeme, Aus, Turbo, Bromance, Zone, Kompakt and Boys Noize, plus local legends like Sweat It Out and Untzzz 12 Inches, so you can probably expect some of the above to be played. Plus lots of unreleased new stuff from our forthcoming MTK 12” releases by Mike Callander, The Finger Prince and Phil Smart x Francis Xavier. #straya

Most memorable FBi Click moment: We actually record our show in the depths of the Motorik Studio in Woolloomooloo, amongst a room loaded full of synths and on the same mics they used to track “Crave You” by Flight Facilities. That’s why we always sound so luscious on air, right? If you listen carefully, you can actually hear Jensen Interceptor (in the room next door) tuning his kick drum sounds ad nauseum, or Gus Da Hoodrat in the background complaining about who stole his snacks (me).

Everyone else does their shows at FBi studios, but we need to be difficult, don’t we? Plus, it’s funny watching the ever growing backlog of emails from Sandro (FBi Click’s long suffering station manager) wondering, "where the fuck this week’s show is and can we please upload it already?”.

Artist/s to check out: I think I covered this already - but good vibes coming from Sei A/Escape (who played our party with Pelvis recently, legend), Daze from Ballarat and massive love to our homies Tear Council (Matt and Mikey from Van She/Touch Sensitive et al) for making some killer synthy pop. You can always rely on Multi Culti to deliver the vibes - the Dreems debut album is huge in an slo-funk way. You may also want to escape the obsession with the future and relive how amazing The Bumblebeez are.

w/ Kali and Andy every Saturday @ 10am-12pm

Describe your FBi Click show in three words: A good listen.

What to expect from your FBi Click First Birthday DJ set: A fun dance.

Most memorable FBi Click moment: So many! Maybe the tie between Dreems and Boogie Monster for two really extraordinary guest shows!

Artist/s to check out: Oh god, hmmmm... One of my fave new artists is Palms Trax.

w/ Johnny and Andy every Friday @ 6-8pm

Describe your FBi Click show in three words: A helluvagood time (that's three right? But these words aren't).

Most memorable FBi Click moment: Any time T.williams has been on the show, Retiree, Rimbombo.... infamously SlowBlow.

Artist/s to check out: Body Corp, Fantastic Man, Borrowed Identity, Times Are Ruff, Anil Aras.

w/ Sandro every Friday @ 10am-12pm

Describe your FBi Click show in three words: Mostly unserious dancefun.

Most memorable FBi Click moment: That outrageously sweaty launch party... and every other moment between then and now - it's been exciting and terrifying and I remember the whole thing vividly.

Artist/s to check out: X&G, Stephane 1993, Lucid, Floria.

Head along to FBi Click's mammoth first birthday party, taking over every corner of Sydney's Goodgod Small Club this Saturday night, 27th June. Doors open at 10pm, with an entry fee of $15, or $10 for FBi supporters with a valid supporter card on show. Purple Sneakers be spinning tunes in the main room from 10:30pm, see you on the dancefloor!

Words by Hannah Galvin.