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Enmore Road's Night Time Entertainment Precinct Looking To Become Permanent

16 March 2023 | 9:13 am | Staff Writer

The positives responses far outweigh the negative - Enmore Road could be Sydney's next great entertainment hub.

(Pic by Peter Dovgan)

The Enmore Road special entertainment precinct, or night-time zone, has been operating on a trial basis since 1 September 2022. What was supposed to be a three-month trial has been extended to continue until this July as the Inner West council evaluates its future. However, it’s looking good.

Out of 270 surveyed visitors, the response has been very positive, with 91% of people calling for the Enmore Road entertainment precinct to become permanent. 

Out of the eight local businesses that completed the survey on how the trial had affected them, one venue admitted that they programmed live music for the first time, while another three businesses noted an increase in patronage.

Meanwhile, only 64 residents have completed the survey thus far, and that’s where things get a bit murkier. 

63% of the surveyed residents support Enmore Road becoming a specialised entertainment precinct, with 25% of people who live adjacent to the street less enthralled by the trial. 

Residents’ concerns stem from litter, anti-social behaviour, increased noise, and lack of street parking.

Some of the verbatim responses to the survey include, “Sydney needs this. I’ve just returned from 7 years in Melbourne, and the music and entertainment scene couldn’t be more different. We need hubs for people to come, drink, dance and be with each other. Without it, Sydney will die a cultural death.” 

Another said, “Council cannot manage the rubbish and disturbance as it is. It is a restaurant precinct, not a live entertainment area.” Meanwhile, another punter thought the trial was a great idea “after the lockout laws destroyed Sydney nightlife.”

As the Sydney Morning Herald reports, if NSW Labor wins the state election, they’ll be looking to expand the special entertainment precincts in other suburbs - Enmore Road is only the pilot. 

Find more information about the Enmore Road special entertainment precinct trial here.