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Donald Glover Confirms The Return Of Childish Gambino And Teases New Music

12 January 2023 | 5:14 pm | Emma Whines

“You don’t have to worry about that … He’ll be back."

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In some of the most exciting news of the day, Donald Glover has confirmed the return of Childish Gambino in an interview at the Golden Globes. 

Speaking with E!'s Laverne Cox, Glover was asked if he really has retired Gambino, to which Glover replied, “I’m actually working, I’m in the studio. I’ve been bringing people in, like secret people, working on little things. But I've just been, you know, making it for fun right now. But soon, something will happen, I promise. Something will happen.” 

He clarified that his comments about “retiring” Gambino “were out in the [ether],” but he won’t be doing that after all. “You don’t have to worry about that … He’ll be back,” he teased.

Originally there seemed to be little hope that Glover would continue to make music at all after being adamant about retiring from the long-standing stage name. 

"I stand by that. I’m really appreciative of this. I’m making another project right now," he said. "But I like endings, I think they’re important to progress," He said at the 2018 GRAMMY Awards.

Glover later continued, "I think if a lot of things had death clauses in them, we wouldn’t have a lot of problems in the world, to be honest. I think endings are good because they force things to get better."

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The last album that the rapper dropped under the Gambino moniker was 3.15.20, which was released in 2020.

While we're shocked that Glover confirmed the return of Gambino, it was clear in April of this year that the rapper wasn't stepping away from music forever. In an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, he teased the possibility of new music.

“I’m making a lot of music,” Glover revealed. “I really love doing it. I’ve made a bunch of it. It’s just really about how to experience it at this point.”

He confessed that since having kids, it’s become a little harder to get in the zone, having to spread his time across acting, writing, music and family.

“It used to just flow, but now I have kids, so nothing flows anymore… nothing’s as easy as it used to be. I do block off time now,” he said.

Let's hope that the return of Childish Gambino is sooner rather than later...