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When Will Dom Dolla Release The Biggest Dance Track Of The Year, 'Rhyme Dust'?

30 January 2023 | 3:49 pm | Parry Tritsiniotis

Dom Dolla consider this a very very polite push for you to release 'Rhyme Dust'. No pressure if not but just in case x.

(Image via Facebook )

Dom Dolla is sitting on one of the biggest tracks of 2023, Rhyme Dust.

The track has been featured in snippets all over his social media accounts, with fans desperate for the producer to release the track. 

On the 2nd of January, he posted a clip of him performing the track with the caption, "Working to get this out asap. Please forward all abuse to my manager."

The video is currently sitting on over 920,000 views with fans hilariously urging the artist to drop the single. 

One fan said, "drop the song before I end up on the news," while another commented, "Hey dominius dollars with the upmost love, care, respect if ya don’t drop this song that’s dust rhymes I’ll simply be sad thanks for consideration."

Fans have even begun to go after Dolla's manager saying, "Why do you hate us?" and "please approve the release. I’m tired of skipping through the recorded sets for this song. Thank you mate."

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Over 4000 videos have been made with the sound from the video.


Working to get this out asap. Please forward all abuse to my manager @James Fava

♬ Rhyme Dust - MK & Dom Dolla

Dom Dolla has blown up massively over the past 12 months becoming one of Australia's biggest DJ exports. He was named as a headliner at Tomorrowland this morning and performed a huge set at Beyond The Valley festival over the New Years. 

Within his set, he brought out Nelly Furtado to perform a viral mashup of her original smash hit, Say It Right with BICEP's Glue.

His smash hit from last year, Miracle Maker alongside Clementine Douglas landed at number 37 in last weekend's Hottest 100.

With Dust Rhymes' hype, it's no doubt that the track will take him to even higher levels.

So Dom Dolla, if this article is anything, please let it be a very polite push for you to release Rhyme Dust. No pressure if not but thought I'd ask just in case.