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Doja Cat's New Album Is Inspired By '90s German Rave Culture'

15 September 2022 | 10:25 am | Parry Tritsiniotis

"I know that’s kind of the trend at the moment but I loved that stuff as a kid and now that I can express it."

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Doja Cat was recently interviewed by Givenchy's Matthew M. Williams for CR Fashion Book and has revealed some exciting hints about her forthcoming project.

In the interview she revealed that currently she's in a phase of enjoying and loving '90s rave culture. 

"We just have so many ideas and making those ideas consistent is the challenge right now. I can’t really tell much. I just know there’s a lot going on," she answered a question in regards to the music she's working on right now.

"I’m very into this ’90s German rave kind of vibe right now and it’s really fun. I know that’s kind of the trend at the moment but I loved that stuff as a kid and now that I can express it.

"I’m sort of embracing that. That’s kind of a hint to the album. Rave culture, not house."

Recently pop superstars Beyoncé and Drake released albums heavily inspired by house music, but Doja is clear that she's not following the trend and that she's more inspired by the cultures around these sub-genres rather than straight out house music. 

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Last year Doja Cat released her chart smashing Planet Her, which landed at number 2 on the Billboard 200 charts. The album featured hits including Get Into It (Yuh) and the SZA featuring Kiss Me More which dominated the TikTok algorithm.

She recently had to cancel all of live dates this year in order to recover from tonsil surgery. Before the Billboard Music Awards, Doja Cat tweeted that her tonsils were infected, and she "was taking fuckin antibiotics but forgot that i was taking them and then i drank wine and was vaping all day long and then i started getting a nasty ass growth on my tonsil so they had to do surgery on it today".