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Doja Cat Cops Backlash For Telling Her Fans She Doesn't Love Them

24 July 2023 | 5:55 pm | Jessie Lynch

Following the savage comments, Doja Cat's top fan pages have deactivated their Twitter accounts.

Doja Cat

Doja Cat (Instagram)

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Doja Cat’s chaotic internet presence has taken a wild turn today after she allegedly told her fans she “doesn’t love them”.

It started on Monday (July 24) when the Twitter account Pop Base posted a screenshot of a now-deleted conversation between the Woman rapper and some fans, during which she shut down requests to tell her fans she “loves them”.

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"My life my rules[,] my style[,] my attitude," she wrote to a fan.

The fan replied, "I wanna hear you say (I do love you guys) as usual you say to your fans."

Doja replied with a savage: "I don't though cuz i don't even know yall."

Another fan added: "and we don't know you. [B]ut we have supported you through thick and thin. Mind you you'd be NOTHING without us. [Y]ou'd be working at a grocery store making songs on fuckking garage band miss high school drop out…"

Doja responded: "[N]obody forced you idk why you're talking to me like you're my mother bitch you sound like a crazy person."

It’s not even the first time the controversial music star has lashed out at fans this week.

When the Attention rapper caught wind of the news that her fanbase had dubbed themselves “Kittenz”, she immediately shut that down, too.

"My fans don't name themselves shit," she wrote in her since-deleted Threads conversation that was captured by The Shade Room.

“If you call yourself a 'kitten' or fuckking 'kittenz' that means you need to get off your phone and get a job and help your parents with the house."

A fan responded, "??? only using the name YOU gave your fans," to which Doja replied, "When i was an alcoholic teen."

Another person added, "can you love ur kittenz again or no," to which Doja answered: "i don't know what the fuck that means."

When one fan account asked what they should change their name to, Doja responded, "Just delete the entire account and rethink everything it's never too late."

And it seems that’s exactly what they did. Following her turning on her fans, many of Doja Cat’s top fan pages have since deactivated their Twitter accounts (as per Pop Crave).

Doja Cat has not yet responded to the accounts being deactivated following her comments (..yet).

Ironically, her most recent Tweet from July 21 reads: “Can't wait to go on tour! Love you guys! Feeling blessed. <3”