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Doja Cat Leaks New Song 'Balut' In Live Stream Dedicated To Her Fans

19 June 2023 | 3:51 pm | Staff Writer

The rapper leaked the song to thank her fans for the support she received on recently released single 'Attention'.

Doja Cat

Doja Cat (Supplied)

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Doja Cat has leaked a single from her forthcoming album and fans are going wild for it. 

The rapper released the first single from her upcoming album last week, Attention, and fans were extremely supportive of her change of pace as she steps away from commercial pop in favour of an R&B-heavy sound. 

To show her appreciation, Doja jumped on Instagram to live stream for her fans, and ended up leaking a small snippet of her new song Balut

Further support for Doja came flooding in with fans freaking out about the new track. While Doja didn't confirm the title in the live stream, she later confirmed the leaked song to be Balut

Earlier this year, Doja Cat revealed that her next album, Scarlet, will be exclusively rap.

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Posting to Twitter to debut her new era, Doja responded to a fan who asked what genre the album would be, saying it would feature "rap only" and "no more pop".

She followed it up with another tweet saying, “I also agree with everyone who said the majority of my rap verses are mid and corny. I know they are. I wasn't trying to prove anything I just enjoy making music but I'm getting tired of hearing y'all say that I can't so I will.”

One Twitter user responded to the news with, “I hope these comments are not the only thing that pushed you to go full rap… if doing pop and rap is what you like you shouldn’t stop simply because of them,” to which Doja replied, “Pop isn’t exciting to me anymore. I don’t wanna make it. No more pop.”

Doja also posted a screenshot of what looked to be new tracks that were titled Wet, Balut and Agora Hills, with the singer adding that the album will have “10 tracks total [plus five] extras".

At this time, the album still doesn't have a confirmed name but is rumoured to be titled Scarlet. In the past, she announced that the project would be named Hellmouth.

While the first taste of Balut and the previous release Attention does indicate the star is done with pop for good, we'll wait until the release of her album to make our final judgment.