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DJ Tigerlily ‘Roasted’ Over Claims She Pre-recorded Major Set

21 June 2023 | 12:40 pm | Mary Varvaris

“I hate bringing other people down, and especially other DJs down, so if this is all a misunderstanding, I’m sorry."


Tigerlily (Source: Supplied)

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Australian DJ and producer Tigerlily (real name Dara Kristen Hayes) has come under fire on social media after uploading recent photos from her set at the Parramatta Eels rugby match at Commbank Stadium on Saturday (17 June).

In a series of photos uploaded to her Instagram, people in the EDM community quickly pointed out that all four volume faders on her DJ deck were turned all the way down. Two TikTok videos linked below claimed that Tigerlily was playing a pre-recorded set. Hayes has since turned off the comments on the Instagram post.

“Alright, look at this photo,” Dosco Music on TikTok said, zooming in on the photos. While Dosco didn’t allege pre-recording, he did say, “Bruh, I don’t have to say anything. The DJs will know.”

Meanwhile, DJ Hutch said, “I have copped stick before in regards to accusations calling me a fake DJ. I know I’m not, so that’s why when I see very famous DJs do stuff like this, it makes me angry.”

Hutch explained, “As you can see here, all four volume faders are pulled all the way down.” In screenshots included in his TikTok, viewers can see what he’s pointed out. Hutch continued, “You can see it clearly in one photo, and you can partially see it in another photo.

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but if all four volume faders are down, how can there be any music playing? The only reason I can think is that she wasn’t playing any music.”

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Hutch went on to say that while he’s unsure of the circumstances that took place – Tigerlily is visibly hyped up and looks like she’s enjoying some music, he calls the photos “a bit sus”.

“If it is a case of her playing a song or a set that’s pre-recorded… that is a really big shame because it’s such a saturated industry.”

He continued, “I hate bringing other people down, and especially other DJs down, so if this is all a misunderstanding, I’m sorry. But if it is the case where she isn’t even DJing, then I’d like some clarification.”

Comments on Hutch’s TikTok came to Tigerlily’s defence, with DJ Aria noting that “You’re right the faders look like they are down in the photos but at massive events like this often production will ask the headlining performance [sic]”.

DJ and producer Lucille Croft added, “Bro [sic] Dara’s been DJing for over 10 years, I’ve played a bunch of shows with her. She’s a very good DJ.”

Other TikTok users were quick to mention that large-scale events, such as this one or award shows, often have pre-recorded sets or lip-synced vocals, so if Tigerlily was, in fact, playing a pre-recorded set, it’s not the controversy people are making it out to be.

Purple Sneakers has reached out to representatives for Tigerlily for comment.


Bruh this is funny asf 😂😂💀💀 #dj #lol #surleynot #djfail

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whats going on here?!? @Tigerlily can you clear this up please🙏🏼 #dj

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