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Denzel Curry Says 'F*ck Qantas' After Losing His Luggage

11 January 2023 | 2:46 pm | Mary Varvaris

"I got my bag back y'all but it's still f*ck Qantas".

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US artist Denzel Curry is not having a good time in Australia after Jetstar – owned by parent company Qantas – allegedly lost his luggage.

Curry has been traversing across the country to perform at popular music festivals Wildlands and Field Day, as well as New Zealand’s Bay Dreams.

On Monday, the Walkin’ rapper began revealing the troubles he’s had with Jetstar.

“EVERYONE TWEET AT @Qantas AND TELL THEM TO FIND MY BAG ASAP,” he tweeted. Curry then sent a follow-up message, “Find My Bags @Qantas Find My Bags!” before quote-tweeting a post by Qantas that celebrated flying into the New Year, to which he responded, “Leaving Bags in 2023 also Find My Bag.”

Curry’s tweets quickly went viral and caught the attention of Jetstar representative, Katie, who wrote: “As this involved one of our flights last night, we wanted to let you know we’re urgently looking into this. Once your bag is located it will be delivered to you. We’re really sorry for what’s happened, please DM us if you need further help.”

Jetstar subsequently found Curry’s luggage and reached out to him, with Katie writing, “Hey Denzel, good news – we’ve found your bag. But we’re having trouble reaching you using the contact details on your booking. Please DM us to confirm your delivery address so we can get it to you ASAP. We’re sorry again for the inconvenience.”

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That should have been the end of it. A few hours ago, Curry confirmed that he had indeed received his bags, but he’s still unhappy. He took to Instagram and wrote, "I got my bag back y'all but it's still fuck Qantas".

“Dolly Parton once said that you've got to put up with the rain in order to get a rainbow. She couldn't have been more literal in this instance – not long after the Rain subsides, the highlight of the entire day arrives in the form of Denzel Curry,” The Music’s David James Young wrote in our Field Day review.

Young added, “Although sadly, without his backing band, the fearless Floridian MC only needs a DJ and his own chutzpah to get the packed crowd going absolutely buck-wild. Circle pits, crowd-surfing, moshing, and all the naughty stuff they say you're not allowed to do is kicking off left, right and centre. RICKY is rapped so loud that Curry barely needs to use a mic, while his world-famous rendition of Rage Against The Machine's Bulls On Parade brings utter carnage in its wake. Curry barely has time to get going before his time is up, but with any luck, a proper tour later this year will rectify the set's sole shortcoming.”

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