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Cultural Hub & Underground Gig Space Opens In Brisbane’s Suburban North

25 March 2023 | 9:31 am | Mary Varvaris

The Sanctuary Collective Studio is all about the "philosophy of one collective brought together by music.”

(Sanctuary Music Studio via Facebook)

North Brisbane has gained a brand-new music space in the Sanctuary Collective Studio that aims to build a community for those in the creative arts.

As showrunner Danny Smith wrote on Facebook last month, the Sanctuary is “more than just a studio, [it’s] a collective of like-minded and multitalented individuals banding together to help further our network.

“Right now, our services include practice sessions in the Green Room, a pretty handy award-winning producer, equipment hire and even venue hire (that's right, you can have gigs here, the place is huge)

“We will be putting shows for bands that practice in the studio plus running open mics to create exposure for artists and, of course, to make ourselves some new friends.”

Smith continued, “Most importantly, we will be doing what we do best, having a great time around live music, at our place and around the area.”

Check out One Another by Brisbane-based electro-pop outfit Peak Hour, recorded at the Sanctuary Collective Studio, below.

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In correspondence with The Music, Smith added, “I’ve run a couple of open mics throughout my time in the local music scene and love meeting new musical mates; however, it quickly became apparent that starting your music career in Brisbane was a challenge due to the ego of the local gatekeepers and lack of venues on the Northside, it’s hard seeing your mates who deserve it all pushed back again and again. 

“It’s always been a dream of mine to create a supportive space run by the musicians who use it. With a model like this, everyone can offer their unique services to each other and create a supportive collective of commerce, and that sounds pretty bloody cool.”

Smith says that the importance of the Sanctuary Collective Studio stems from observations many people who have lived in rural destinations or hubs outside of the city can relate to: “The Northside has tonnes of local talent; however, for the creatives who live there, the only option is to travel into the city. It turns a low-paying gig into a dismal mission, and that’s not on,” Smith details.

“There is also a huge family demographic out here in the north. Too often, those hardworking people have to forgo their creative visions due to travel or the cost of practising or recording at a fancy studio.

“More so than anything, I’ve met so many people who don’t have any musical friends, let alone the means to meet them; we’re aiming to make the Sanctuary Collective the place to go to meet people to form bands with or the next producer they work with or perhaps even just a new music-loving mate.”

Punters attending Sanctuary shows can expect a real sense of community and the “philosophy of one collective brought together by music.” Local acts will be prioritised, and the idea of perfection isn’t one that the Sanctuary chases - it’s all about living in the moment.

“We have a great list of local acts who we love so much, and we’re always looking for more. Expect raw emotion, the odd missed note and roaring applause for those getting out there and giving it a go; we always prioritise showcases of the bands or acts that practice at or contribute to our place,” Smith explains.

“As our collective grows, so will the people we work with, and I can’t wait to see who plays within our space in the coming months; you may just find your new favourite artist at our shows!”

Smith’s ultimate goal with the Sanctuary Collective Studio is to create a safe, affordable and supportive environment for musicians and artists to link up with one another and create business, which aligns with the overview he’s given us about the new music space.

“We provide practice sessions for you or your band, we supply ALL of the equipment and set it up to your requirements before you arrive, we offer dry hire of the studio for producers/engineers, which we will set up equipment for you, and we also have a house producer that can record your sound if you require.

“Most importantly, we offer a space for you to share your hard work with a community of like-minded people and gain more work from it.”

Smith wants you to check in if you’re interested in working with the Sanctuary: “If you are a promoter or venue, whether that be a cafe, bar, pub or live venue, ask us about some of our mates we are happy to see if we can match the right person to play at your place.

“As our community grows, so will our services, so it’s always best to keep checking in!”

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