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Cub Sport Take On 'Like A Version'

29 February 2024 | 3:59 pm | Mary Varvaris

Cub Sport ended up covering 'Prada' by cassö, RAYE and D Block Europe.

Cub Sport

Cub Sport (Credit: Mia Rankin)

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Cub Sport will be seen in the triple j studios again tomorrow when the national youth broadcaster unveils the Aussie band’s latest Like A Version.

The band announced their long-awaited return to Like A Version yesterday (28 February), writing on Instagram: “Guess who’s doing triple j’s Like A Version on Friday!!!!! (It’s us) What could we cover to possibly live up to the legacy of Ultralight Beam & when the party’s over??????? Taking suggestions below”.

If you’re on your way to work (or at work) tomorrow morning, you’ll hear Tim Nelson’s luscious vocals on the radio while the video of their Like A Version lands later in the day. Any guesses as to what they’ll be performing? We’re personally hoping for a Savage Garden cover.

This is a band that’s previously put their own tear-jerking spin on When The Party’s Over by Billie Eilish and a stunning rendition of Kanye West’s Ultralight Beam. It’s been four years since their last Like A Version, so we’re well overdue for a new appearance in the triple j studios from Cub Sport.

Check in tomorrow for the 2024 Cub Sport Like A Version.

UPDATE 9:40 am Friday 1 March 2024: Cub Sport ended up covering Prada by cassö, RAYE and D Block Europe. The sped-up two-minute original has been slowed down, with the cover beginning with Nelson at the piano and singing tenderly. He then stood up and joined his bandmates as they gradually sped the song up, bringing the club vibes but with a sweeter, low-key energy. Better than the original? With those vocals and the synth line at the end, we think so.

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In a 2016 live review of the band at Newtown Social Club, The Music declared that Cub Sport’s cover of Ultralight Beam “almost gives the original a run for its money”.

Catching them live in 2019 at The Tivoli, The Music’s Nicolas Huntington proclaimed, “Long live Cub Sport” in a glowing review that mentioned their cover of When The Party’s Over “that people won’t stop talking about” and added: “you can imagine the vibe when Nelson announces they want to recreate it right now. A beautiful crescendo to a pop masterclass.”

In recent Cub Sport news, the band lead the 2024 Queensland Music Awards nominations with two nods towards two beloved tracks – one for the Pop Award (for Keep Me Safe) and another for the Electronic Award (for Songs About It).

Cub Sport’s Like A Version will arrive ahead of their Mardi Gras performance, with the band due to headline the Laneway segment of the 16-day extravaganza. You can find more information about the event here.

In December, The Music named Cub Sport’s latest album, Jesus At The Gay Bar, one of the best Australian albums released in 2023.