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Sitar Player Covers 'COUNTRY RIDDIM' After Four Tet Trolls Coachella

1 May 2023 | 3:29 pm | Jessie Lynch

Four Tet shared the epic video on his own Instagram Story.

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A talented sitar player who fuses the Indian string instrument with techno has now added COUNTRY RIDDIM to his repertoire following Four Tet dropping the now-iconic track four times during his Coachella set with Skrillex and Fred Again..

ICYMI: The trio recently hit the Coachella stage (which was actually Frank Ocean's abandoned ice skating rink) for a closing performance that was met with praise around the world. 

While the set had featured a slew of mind-blowing moments, it was Four Tet (real name Kieran Hebden) dropping HOL!'s filthy, bass-heavy track COUNTRY RIDDIM several times throughout the b2b set that had fans talking - and of course, it quickly became a meme across social media, as it wasn't the first set that Kieran had snuck the track into (multiple times).

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Now, LA-based musician Evan Hatfield has jumped on the COUNTRY RIDDIM bandwagon as a tribute to Four Tet - and honestly? It slaps.

Posting the clip to his Instagram, Hatfield is seen rocking out on his sitar as the unmistakable, dirty beat of COUNTRY RIDDIM is heard in the background. 

"@fourtetkieran this one’s for you 🔊 Can’t wait to see you in LA on Wednesday," he captioned his 

The performance even managed to reach Kieran himself, who shared the epic video on his own Instagram Story.

Speaking to Purple Sneakers following Four Tet's acknowledgement, Hatfield said, "Four Tet has been a huge influence of mine for over a decade. Hearing him drop COUNTRY RIDDIM in various sets has been both hilarious and incredibly on point as a reminder that music has no rules."

It's certainly the way the multi-instrumentalist approaches his own music, with his Instagram showcasing his talents as he fuses the sounds of the Sitar with techno music.

You can check out more of Evan Hatfield's music here.