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Young Berliners Are Being Given €50 To Go Clubbing

6 February 2023 | 2:02 pm | Parry Tritsiniotis

“Obviously you can go to the opera or museum with [the initiative] but we have clear preferences.”

(Image via Ritter Butzke Facebook)

A new cultural program in Berlin is incentivising young people to go out.

Young Berliners are set to receive up to €50 to go out and support the arts. It's called The Jungendkulturkarte and acts as a pre-paid system for those between the ages of 18-23 to cover entrance fees. The initiative will land in the form a pre-paid card that will be eligible to use between February 1st and April 30th.

It is also available to non-German residents who are living in the city. 

It has been launched by the Berline Senate Department for Culture And Europe alongside Kulturprojekte Berlin. The fund covers entry to a range of cultural institutions including clubs Gretchen and Ritter Butzke. Other cultural venues which the fee covers includes cinemas, museums, theatres and clubs. 

The scheme attempts to help events at a time when the industry is facing significant threats that are mainly economic. Berlin, like a lot of the world is facing a crises in cost of living due to low consumer spending power and high energy bills.  

The Berlin Club Commission, who represents key clubs and parties in the city celebrated the news on Instagram sharing, “ has launched today and we are happy that clubs are part of it.

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“Obviously you can go to the opera or museum with Jungendkulturkarte but we have clear preferences,” it continued.