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Artist On Artist: PANIA And BOY SODA Reveal Their Ones To Watch

6 April 2023 | 3:05 pm | Jessie Lynch

In celebration of PANIA and Boy Soda’s latest W’s, we had the pair interview one another as they chat about everything from inspiration to which artists are their ones to watch.

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Rising stars PANIA and BOY SODA recently were among the artists who joined Live Nation’s Ones To Watch showcase as it headed to Melbourne for the first time in March. 

With the inclusion of PANIA, BOY SODA, and Mitch Santiago, Ones To Watch highlights three incredibly unique artists who have been producing excellent music and high-energy performances at shows throughout the last 12 months. 

PANIA has emerged as a leader of new Australian R&B, landing on the radars of cultural icons including Tyler, The Creator and Kehlani, while pushing her brand of innovative and empowered lyricism to wider prominence. 

BOY SODA has consistently been building a reputation for himself as not just a captivating live performer, but a dynamic and inspired young songwriter; blending forward-thinking threads of R&B and hip hop together in a way that has seen his own unique stamp permeate through each record his voice touches. 

The last two years have been incredibly fruitful for the Sydney-based artist, recently culminating with the release of 2022’s YC-TAPE: Vol 1 project and with 2023 looking to be another busy year for BOY SODA, Ones To Watch is the perfect platform for him to perform.

Live Nation's Ones To Watch Australia has been a game-changer since its launch in September 2021, following its success in the US since 2012, with the online global artist discovery platform quickly becoming the go-to destination for local music fans to uncover their new favourite artists.

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Just some of the star-studded alumni to come from the US program include Halsey, Olivia Rodrigo, Dua Lipa and more.

In celebration of PANIA and Boy Soda’s latest W’s, we had the pair interview one another as they chat about everything from inspiration to which artists they think are the ones to watch.


BS: What artists are your ones to watch?

P: Three Australian artists I’m loving right now and think everyone needs to know about are Craigie Wave, VV Pete and Savage the Girl. 

Craigie Wave and I have co-written a few songs together and he’s just iconic. I’m loving VV Pete, she performed with me at my Sydney show and she’s so hype. And lastly, Savage the Girl… her vocals are insane!!

BS: What does P Stand for?

P: Right now, P stands for Paris!

BS: How was London/Paris?

P: It was fire to see the different levels of how people work in London and Paris. It was really inspiring and I feel like I’ve grown heaps in terms of writing and recording and learning different processes.

BS: What is your fave moment of 2023 so far

P: My fave moment of 2023 so far is travelling to London for writing sessions. The culture and work ethic there is sick and I got to work with some crazy producers.


P: Who are your ones to watch? 

BS: Dean Brady - The soul and talent that Dean is going to inject into the musical world is absolutely incredible, as an artist and a vocalist he is phenomenal and man can dance too. Good energy always follows him around!

Ruby Jackson - Ruby's ability to write songs with such depth across her lyrics and musicality is really special. I haven't come across an artist in a minute who is so cohesively aligned as a storyteller of words and chords and she just blows me away every time i hear her. 

Shreta -  I'm always hunting for people that create really really good R&B and Shreta's voice and melody game is so infectious and effortless. As an artist, I find her really commanding and genuine. 

P: What is your favourite moment of 2023 so far? 

BS: I started my year off in Auckland writing music with incredible musicians and songwriters like Jordan Rakei, Lapsely, Alisa Xayalith, Ben Jackson-Cook, and heaps of other incredibly talented cats who I consider to be amazing collaborators and friends now. 

On an artist level, that was really important for me to be in a different space because the energy of Aotearoa and the people there really reset me on every level. 

P: What’s your favourite live show you’ve ever performed? 

I would have to say a gig we did for Hermès at Hordon Pavillion. 

They let us pick out some of their clothes and perform in this pop-up boxing ring. It was a beautiful instalment, and wearing their clothes felt like it matched the music we were playing in a way we'd never felt before. 

That was a special one for sure.

P: What's your fave album of all time?   

BS: It changes depending on the day but I have to highlight Timberlake's 20/20 album because I forgot it existed for a minute and his melody game is ridiculous. I used to fall asleep to Blue Ocean Floor a lot.