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American Rapper Theophilus London Has Been Found

6 January 2023 | 8:26 am | Mary Varvaris

"We have found Theo. He is safe and well, at this time the family would love prayers and privacy."

(Pic by Fang/Twitter)

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American rapper and Tame Impala collaborator Theophilus London has been found, his cousin Mikhail Noel confirmed on social media.

Noel posted a photo of London on Instagram with the caption: "We have found Theo. He is safe and well, at this time the family would love prayers and privacy. Thank you all!!!"

He continued, "It’s refreshing and rewarding to have such a strong support system of family and friends. God bless each and every one of you."

The family of London filed a missing person's report on 27 December 2022.

In a statement shared by Secretly Group and obtained by Pitchfork, "The last time someone spoke with him reportedly stretches back to July 2022 in Los Angeles."

Lary Moses London, the father of Theophilus London, said, "Theo, your Dad loves you, son. We miss you. And all your friends and relatives are searching for you. Wherever you are send us some signal. No matter what we will come get you son."

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The statement concluded with a description of London's appearance to assist anyone who might find him: "London is 35 years old, Black, 6'2", 175 pounds, with dark brown eyes. If you have any information regarding his whereabouts or well-being, please reach out to his cousin Mikhail Noel at his instagram account @iamdjkellz, or the LAPD."

Theophilus London is a Grammy nominee and frequent collaborator; in 2020, he worked with Tame Impala on a cover of the 80s Nigerian tune Only You, which Steve Monite originally performed. Only You appeared on London's third album, Babey, and came with a further Kevin Parker collab in Whiplash. His Grammy recognition came in 2016, where he was nominated for Best Rap Performance for a feature on Kanye West's All Day.

London, 35 years old, was born in Trinidad and Tobago and later raised in the Brooklyn area of New York. He used to post on Instagram prolifically but hasn't shared a post since July.

As well as Babey, London also released the 2011 studio album Timez Are Weird These Days and 2014's Vibez

"Whiplash was written over three years. We're on tour with Mark Ronson, and me and Kevin Parker [Tame Impala] take a liking to each other. We hang out every night after his shows," London told Complex in January 2020. "He comes to me one night and we're both drunk, singing these lyrics and playing a beat from his phone. I love the beat. I take it home and the lyrics finally come to me at a house party that I threw. I was like, 'Holy shit.'"

He added, "You've got to Tarantino this shit. You've got to depict a film within a record like that. It's already a soundtrack sounding song, so you have to produce and write a powerhouse. Tame Impala [plus] rap, that's like Run-DMC working with Aerosmith to me. I looked at a collaboration like that, it's important for music. It's important for the youth that two artists from genres like that collaborate from time to time to give you a new perspective on music."