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Alison Wonderland Hits Back At M83 After He Slams The EDM Community

24 March 2023 | 1:09 pm | Jessie Lynch

The 'Midnight City' hitmaker copped backlash after calling EDM “one of the genres I hate the most”.

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Following M83’s Anthony Gonzales sensationally slamming EDM by calling it “one of the genres [he] hates the most”, Australian DJ Alison Wonderland has hit back.

ICYMI: In a recent interview with Consequence ahead of the release of his new album, Fantasy, Gonzales revealed that the gargantuan popularity of his hit track Midnight City has been quite the source of contempt for the producer.

“I mentioned this in an interview before, but it’s almost that I want to keep the fans of Midnight City away from entering — which I mean mostly as a bad joke,” Gonzalez told the publication.

“For me, the struggle with being a successful artist with that album, Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, and especially with that track, Midnight City is that all of a sudden I had this huge EDM following.” 

He continued, “EDM is probably one of the styles of music that I hate the most. All of a sudden, I have these bro EDM DJs playing my music, and I just can’t even care less. Sometimes I wish that I could erase that fan base but I don’t think it’s possible to do that.”

Now, Australia’s own Alison Wonderland - aka Alexandra Sholler - has taken a cheeky dig at the muso.

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Retweeting a screenshot of the article, the Fear of Dying hitmaker hit back, “Whenever I drop midnight city in a set I am now going to play it twice in a row and also I would like all of you to tag him when I do it. :) xoxo - bro dj Alison wonderland.”

Fans responded to the ARIA Award nominee with various videos of her performing the hugely popular track.

Meanwhile, Gonzales has since clarified the wild statements he made in the article, insisting it was a miscommunication, but in doing so seemed to irk the EDM community further.

“I do not hate the EDM community, no! I’m forever grateful for their love and support,” a note from M83 posted to Instagram began.

“I’m French and my English sucks so sometimes the journalist has to figure it out … and often it comes out wrong. Apologies for that.”

He continued, “What I do hate though is that community of DJs using my song without any permission. Waving their hands at the crowd and doing nothing but pressing a f****** button. It’s disrespectful and gross.”

Gonzales added that he personally would always “ask before doing anything”, adding, “I would be too scared of offending artists”.

“Maybe I live in a fantasy world… the story of my life.”