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Noise Complaints Threaten Live Music At The Eltham Hotel

5 December 2023 | 11:25 am | Mary Varvaris

Local punters have kickstarted a petition to save live music at the NSW venue.

Eltham Hotel

Eltham Hotel (Source: petition) user Maddie Davey has started a petition to save live music at the Eltham Hotel in NSW. The venue is facing new noise restrictions due to new neighbours allegedly making complaints.

According to the petition, the new noise restrictions could signal the end of bands and other acts performing at the Eltham Hotel.

As well as saving live music at the Eltham Hotel, the petition also asks the local government to investigate the decision independently. The petition requests that the government use its sound testing resources and consult with nearby neighbours before decisions regarding noise restrictions are put in place.

The petition continues, “For those who have ever visited, heard of, or performed at the Eltham Hotel, you understand the value these events bring to our community. The pub has established itself as a key spot for local, national, and international artists, offering the Northern Rivers community access to world-class touring acts that might otherwise bypass our regional area.

“The impact of the proposed sound limit transcends live music; it threatens core community events hosted at the pub, including theatre performances, weekly trivia night, open mic nights, science at the pub, and more. The loss of amplified sound would not only be a blow to our community's culture, but would echo through the local economy, and the broader Australian music industry.”

Over 7,700 people have signed the petition so far, with 10,000 signatures marking the next goal. Writing in support of the petition, one punter said, “Pub has been there longer than you. Don't buy a place next to a pub and complain about the music. That's the same as buying a place next to an airport and complaining about planes.”

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Another simply stated, “Live music keeps communities alive”, and another added, “Live music is an integral part of the community and an indicator of a thriving region. Killing it has an impact on the local economy as well as tourism.”

Earlier this year, floating Docklands-based music venue ATET was forced into closure just eight months after opening. The closure followed noise complaints and a devastating blaze that ripped through the venue.

Venue owner Jake Hughes  expressed his despair at the situation, writing on a petition, “We feel an incredible sense of injustice, not only of the outcome but due to the process that we have put through.”