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Natalie Bassingthwaighte & Budjerah Mount Campaign Against Drink-Driving

14 November 2023 | 12:43 pm | Ellie Robinson

“Designated drivers, planners, and ridesharers are unsung heroes who ensure our nights are not only enjoyable but safe. Let's celebrate them!”

Natalie Bassingthwaighte & Budjerah

Natalie Bassingthwaighte & Budjerah (Supplied)

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Natalie Bassingthwaighte and Budjerah have joined a partnership between ALWAYS LIVE and the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) to launch a new campaign aimed at discouraging music fans from drink-driving.

It comes as part of the joint initiative Keep The Band Together, which the TAC launched with ALWAYS LIVE in 2022. It’s said this new campaign reflects the former’s ongoing push to “reduce road trauma by finding new ways to reach high-priority groups, focusing on deterring behaviours like drink-driving”.

For the campaign, Bassingthwaighte and Budjerah have called on fans to nominate friends as one of six types of “road crew legend” to enter a competition. The grand prize, valued at $4,000, includes an Audio-Technica turntable, a pair of KEF speakers, and a selection of vinyl records from artists appearing on this year’s ALWAYS LIVE concert program (including Bassingthwaighte and Budjerah).

The six “road crew legends” are described as follows:

The Deso Driver: Our desos understand that drinking and driving have no business being together. They're the ones who take it upon themselves to get the band home safe. Bonus points for a late-night drive-through run and the perfect playlist.

The Couch Concierge: The super hospitable friend that always comes through with the offer of a comfy place to crash after a night out. They're fluffing pillows while everyone else is getting their outfits ready. All this to ensure you can have a few drinks without even thinking about driving home.

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The Resourceful Ridesharer: Everyone can have a drink and get home safely when this unsung hero is at work. They're hustling for discount codes and making the rideshare booking to ensure no one is even contemplating getting behind the wheel. They'll even cop the rating when their mates ask for the AUX cord.

The Prolific Planner: In every friendship group there’s the expert planner who does all the legwork so you can drink and not worry about having to drive. They’re the ones who fire up the group chat, suss all the PT and rideshare options, coordinate the deso, and and use their Type A powers to get everyone home safe. Bless.

The PTV Planner: Your most eco-friendly pal who knows the trains and tram lines like the back of their hand. All this planning before a night out so everyone can have a drink and not even have to think about driving, guiding us through bustling stations, saving us money on Uber surges and time waiting in taxi lines.

The Bad Idea Bouncer: This is the mate who's on the last line of defence, ensuring that drinking and driving isn't even a thought bubble in someone’s head. They’re confiscating phones, keys, booking taxis, and doing whatever it takes to ensure their mates get home in one piece.

Entries for the competition are open now, and close at 10am AEDT on Sunday December 10. Head here to enter.

In a press release, Bassingthwaighte said of her role in the campaign: “I'm thrilled to be part of this fantastic initiative to Keep the Band Together with ALWAYS LIVE and TAC. Designated drivers, planners, and ridesharers are unsung heroes who ensure our nights are not only enjoyable but safe. Let's celebrate them!”

Budjerah shared the sentiment, adding in a statement of his own: “Music is about joy and unity, and keeping everyone safe is a big part of that. I'm excited to support this campaign, recognising the amazing people who make sure we have a great time.”

Also weighing in was TAC CEO Tracey Slatter, who explained why the campaign targets live music fans in particular: “Many Victorians will be looking forward to spending the warmer months enjoying live music with their friends and loved ones and we want everyone to make it home with fantastic memories. Our partnership with ALWAYS LIVE aims to build a culture that values road safety by prioritising safe travel options.”

And according to ALWAYS LIVE CEO Steve Smith, the campaign was a natural fit for this year’s program. He said: “ALWAYS LIVE is all about celebrating music, community, and safety. We're proud to partner with TAC for the second year running for their Keep the Band Together initiative, and shine a light on the friends who keep our nights fun and secure.”