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New Poll Shows Major Distrust In Entertainment Industry's Ability To Keep Women Safe

30 June 2023 | 1:03 pm | Mary Varvaris

The entertainment industry is still the least trusted institution to ensure workplaces are safe for women.

WAAX @ Oxford Art Factory

WAAX @ Oxford Art Factory (Credit: Peter Dovgan)

The latest Guardian Essential poll has shown that the entertainment industry remains the least trusted institution to ensure workplaces are safe for women. As the survey proves, 58% of 1,148 participants have little or no trust that the industry is a safe space.

40% of participants said they have little trust in the entertainment industry keeping women safe, 18% have no faith, and 6% are unsure. Only 6% of participants have a high level of trust in the entertainment industry to ensure women’s safety, and 30% have some confidence.

The entertainment industry is the least trusted institution found in the survey, with 34% of participants noting little trust in Federal Parliament, sporting clubs and public services, and 35% for private companies.

36% of participants hold some trust in sporting clubs to ensure women’s safety, 39% for public service, and 40% for private companies. You can view the poll results here.

“I am scared, I get excited because I think I've always been vulnerable,” Jaguar Jonze said in a recent The Music cover story. Having spent the last few years as an advocate for people harmed in the music industry, the Little Fires singer has built a thick skin “as I speak on behalf of hundreds of voices that have been hurt by this industry.”

Last year’s common theme at BIGSOUND amongst fiery artists such as WAAX and VOIID brushed upon their experiences as women – specifically negative encounters with men.

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The Music Lab initiative remarked on Platonic Sex’s single Devil’s Advocate: [The single] is a punchy comment on toxic masculinity. 

“I’m so sick of these young girls not knowing how worthy they are / So stop teaching her how I was taught,” in their song Teeth is a raw and wrenching lyric that is just a minute insight into the depth of the band’s lyrical capacity.