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WRAP UP: Meredith Music Festival 2015

18 December 2015 | 11:54 am | Madeline Kilby

Another year and another family, pre-Christmas visit to Aunty Meredith has come and gone.

Another year and another family, pre-Christmas visit to Aunty Meredith has come and gone. Everyone was keen as punch for the visit this year so they could help Aunty celebrate her silver jubilee.

Meredith Music Festival is known for it’s strict ‘No Dick Heads’ policy, and it is this that makes the festival stand out. With no stresses of having to rush from stage to stage, and the ability to sit back and chill on couches surrounding the stage, everybody has a laid back vibe. You run into people you haven’t seen for years, at all hours of the day and night. The wind farm around the site as always provided some eerie yet mesmerising scenes in amongst the craziness that is this one stage, 12,500 people festival.

The weather Friday wasn’t exactly what you would call optimal for a festival given it’s now officially summer, but it wouldn’t be Victoria if you didn’t need raincoat, thermals and sunscreen for a three day trip. None of this really matters, Meredith is Meredith and hailstorms wouldn’t keep the loyalists away from this beautiful corner of the earth. As the light-show took its place within the Friday night-line up, and 100% organic, environmentally friendly confetti exploded from the stage a little bit of freezing your arse off was deterring no one.

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The line up, as Meredith is known for, was varied, covering anything from disco to rock, metal, electronic and hip-hop. The 25th birthday edition attracted hip-hop godfather, Big Daddy Kane to the stage for a set that got everyone ayyyeing and ohhing. Adelaide gal Tkay Maidza took over the stage with an amazing presence for someone of only 19 years. This is one Aussie talent that is going to catapult to the outer corners of this globe in the next 12 months. Goat also won some awards for Friday night entertainment with their thematic masks and costumes. A few murmurs of the words ‘The Lion King’ could be heard here and there, which fitted in nicely with a totem pole spotted in the crowd of baby Simba being held up by Rafiki. Lucy Cliché is also one to keep your peepers and eardrums tuned to based on her energy closing the night.

After a just a few cold hours of down time, the sun broke through the clouds for an epic Saturday afternoon. Neon Indian and GL made for some great pump up acts to get even the most severe of hangovers ready. The dreamy, and politically incorrect (or correct, who’s opinion are we going by?) Father John Misty, did his thing and left plenty swaying and swooning. Ratatat is well worthy of attention in any Meredith review. They have had a stand out year, the crowd was bursting, the side shows sold out and the duo have now headed off to Magnetic Fields in India showing just how broad the appreciation for the full audio-visual, mind-blowing show. This was the only act during the weekend where it was actually acceptable to turn around and stare away from the stage for a brief moment to see what awesomeness was happening behind you.

Perhaps you encountered a pirate on the dance floor who would later sell you a breakfast roti wrap, or you found yourself staring at a giant plush cupcake attached to a totem pole. You probably spoke to the nicest person you have ever met, took a ride on a Ferris Wheel, or saw the greatest sunrise or sunset of your life from the top of the hill. In summary, Meredith was awesome, but the real highlight will always be the interval music. No one can argue with a boogie to The Spice Girls.

Words by Madeline Kilby

Photo Credit: Aunty Meredith