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Willaris. K, Cosmo's Midnight, The Kite String Tangle: The ten best songs of the week

31 January 2020 | 9:24 am | Emma Jones

New music from Cosmo's Midnight and Ruel, The Kite String Tangle, San Holo and Broods, Willaris. K and Gordi and so much more.

Each week, we receive countless submissions of exciting new music, so we’ll be taking you through a weekly wrap up of all our favourite new tunes every Friday called #TrustedForTaste. For more new music and news, head to the Purple Sneakers website. Read on for new music from Dugong Jr and Jordan DennisWillaris. K and GordiShady NastyEmerson LeifLara AndalloCosmo's Midnight and RuelSan Holo and BroodsThe Kite String TangleYorke and ALPHAMAMA.

Dugong Jr - Drive (Ft Jordan Dennis)

Melbourne producer Dugong Jr has teamed up with Jordan Dennis for what might be the smoothest track we've heard in a while. Titled 'Drive', its an upbeat RnB number which includes unique elements of Vietnamese stringed instruments throughout. Dugong Jr said of the release, "Jordan Dennis is without a doubt one of my favourite artists in Australia. His style is super versatile and he is incredibly skilled. Working with him on this record was an absolute pleasure.” We can definitely hear how well the pair worked together on this one, so here's hoping for more!

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Willaris. K - Indifferent (With Gordi)

Williaris. K wrote this song "as an experiment to see where I could take my music sonically,” and he's pulled it off in spectacular fashion. Teaming up with the haunting, intoxicating Gordi for vocals, 'Indifferent' is an expansive, all-encompassing experience that is so masterfully put together it stays with you long after its finished. If there is one artist we're permanently excited about, it's Williaris. K, and 'Indifferent' gives us yet another reason to back him as one of this country's most innovative, promising artists.

Shady Nasty - AA

Brutal and relentless, Sydney's Shady Nasty's new single 'AA' is not one for the fainthearted. According to the band, 'AA' is about a band member speaking "to his declining mental health after a painful lung operation. Sinking untold hours into FPS and RPG video games during his recovery, his grip on reality begins to slip." Channeling everyone from the likes of King Krule to Ratking or Iceage, their fusion of their jazz and classical backgrounds with frenetic punk energy makes for an enthralling listen every time.

Emerson Leif - Next2

The next taste from Emerson Leif's upcoming debut EP, 'Next2' is a shimmering, indie tune with excellent production which allows the song to bloom and glide into something so much more than you might think given its sparse beginning. Soothing, comforting and warm, Leif said of this latest single, "It's about realising you are valuable and loved. It's about overcoming the fear of not being enough and embracing vulnerability through the process." 'Next2' is another exciting glimpse at what Leif has cooking at the moment, and we can't wait to see what he does next.

Lara Andallo - Trophy

Seductive, bold and hard-hitting, Lara Andallo is taking no prisoners with her latest single this week. Titled 'Trophy', it positions Andallo as the superstar she was born to be, channeling the greats like CiaraSZA or Normani, her voice absolutely soars will dripping with a fierceness that reminds you not to fuck with her. The hook is one that will be in your head for days, the beat is dynamic and fresh, and I am just begging for an amazing video to go along with it now. It's Andallo's year.

Cosmo's Midnight - Down For You (Ft. Ruel)

Cosmo's Midnight continue their hot streak with one of their best collaborations yet this week in 'Down For You' featuring the globally-acclaimed superstar, Ruel. Pairing Ruel's pop-leaning vocals with their electro-funk beats, 'Down For You' is an instant hit in our books. The subtle RnB stylings of both acts infuse to make for one hell of a soulful track, melding so many styles and influences into one song you don't want to end.

San Holo - Honest (Ft. Broods)

Another stellar collaboration out this week, San Holo has tapped Broods for a soaring, emotional banger in 'Honest'. Featuring the sensational vocals of Broods' Georgia Nott, the song is complete with sprawling atmospherics and masterful beats courtesy of San Holo, who keeps a watchful eye as the track steadily builds into a shattering drop and a gut-wrenching hook as Nott pleads, "I just want us to be honest." It's emotional dance music at its finest.

The Kite String Tangle - NORTH

Coming with the news a new album, C()D3X, is on the way, The Kite String Tangle is back this week with 'NORTH'. Including a soulful choir to take the song even higher, 'NORTH' might actually just be The Kite String Tangle's best song. It's a song of devotion, of knowing how much you need someone, and a celebration of all that person gives you, and is complete with hand claps, an insatiable hook and Danny Harley's gentle but commanding voice steering the ship. 'NORTH' is heralding in a new era for The Kite String Tangle, and it's one we're firmly on board with. He's heading out on tour latest this year, so for all information on that and the new album, head HERE.

Yorke - Treading Water

Rising star Yorke makes her first entry into 2020 this week with the stunning 'Treading Water'. Fresh off a run supporting Lewis Capaldi, 'Treading Water' is Yorke's strongest release yet, marrying indie-pop influences with some subtle electronica in the production to really bring it home. Her lyrics are defiant and bold, and her voice absolutely soars above the fray. Bound for big things, this is a strong start for the fresh-faced future popstar, and one that has us very excited for what's still to come.


A self-love anthem when we need it most, ALPHAMAMA is back in 2020 with a fierce, bold celebration of herself and wants us all to join in her loving ourselves too. Taking to social media, she explained "It's a radical act of rebellion to love your own body, your skin. To prioritise pleasure in a world where pain is glorified," and we couldn't agree more. Smooth, funky and so much fun, 'SKIN' is a call to arms to be radical and love yourself despite the world telling you not to, and we're damn alright with that!

Words by Emma Jones

Image: Jordan Munns (@jordankmunns)