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Why It's Harder Than Ever To Break Through As A DJ In 2023

21 April 2023 | 3:55 pm | Set Mo

Lessons for young DJs courtesy of Set Mo.

(Pic by Jordan Munns)

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I think one reason it can be harder to break through in 2023 is that people's attention is more spread out than ever. 10 years ago, when releasing a song, DJs/producers would put it on SoundCloud and then let people know of its release via Facebook and maybe an email.

Today, there are so many channels to release and promote music that it can be overwhelming. A good starting point can be to try and identify what platforms your intended audience prefer and then start there rather than trying to do it all…that can be a full time job in itself!

Another reason it may seem hard to breakthrough as a DJ in 2023 is that it’s easier than ever to become a DJ, which in turn has led to more and more people becoming DJs. 

The barriers to entry right now are as low as they’ve ever been. With an overload of DJs, it’s important to find the music you’re truly passionate about; you’ll never be able to please everyone no matter what you play so find the music that really excites you and go down that road. This passion will always shine through!

One thing that has always been a concern for emerging artists is the gatekeepers, in the 90s it was MTV, in the 00s it was more radio and today it’s all about streaming services. 

These people can choose to support you or not, and a lot of the time you have no say over it. What you do have control over is building a community around you. If you have people that vibe with what you’re about and what you’re doing no gatekeeper can take that away from you.

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