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USB-Sides: 5 Tracks Dominating Nate Brazier's DJ Sets Right Now

13 October 2022 | 4:38 pm | Parry Tritsiniotis

Our new weekly content series, USB-Sides will see some of Australia's and the world's best DJs showcase 5 tracks that they're spinning in their sets right now. We will dive deep into the USB's of these artists as they discuss how the tracks weave into their sets, how they caught their ear and why they absolutely dominate a dance floor.

Nate Brazier has popped into the world's dance scene with an extreme level of production prowess. The South London born singer, songwriter and producer has undeniably injected a breath of fresh air into the alternative electronic and dance muisc space, pushing the boundaries of garage, hip hop and R&B with his signature production style across his singles.

Inspired by the likes of Arca, Burial, Jai Paul and FKA Twigs, Brazier's opening singles Patterns and Intertia stunned audiences for their depth, a depth not bound by genre but driven by mood and emotion. Most recently he released his best track to date, Feels, a waving synth and scattered beat driven emotive number. The track reflects on the beauty of connecting with like minded people and the way in which energies can bring people together in the most unique of circumstances.

Nate explains, “With ‘Feels’ I’m speaking on a certain undefinable synergy, like when you meet somebody and everything seems to fall into place. The verses acknowledge that modern culture profits off our insecurities – I wanted the chorus to feel like a euphoric antidote to that.”

To get to know the great creative brain of Brazier, we asked him to break down 5 tracks that he can't get enough of and that frequent in his DJ sets.

CLIPZ, Nia Archives, Beenie Man, Cristale, ShaSimone - No Time
Banger beginning to end, Nia brings a swagger on the hook which carries the track. Beenie Man is a dancehall veteran, so the fact he’s still on the new wave with rising artists is sick. And to have CLIPZ back to repping Bristol jungle like he was in the 2000s is wicked to see too. They make a dream team.

Louis Culture, YAMA//SATO, Bawo - 7AM (B-Side)
It’s a lowkey dance take on the A-side version, with a pitched up hook and percussion bubbling around the verses. Louis fuses hip hop and dance genres with undeniable finesse, so he stays on rotation in my headphones. 

p-rallel ft. Hak Baker - love me, i’m scum
Worlds collided for this dub delicacy and I keep coming back to it because of its perfect pairing. Hak’s unmistakable drawl stumbling across the verses, rolling into these big explosive choruses where P goes in on the drums, it makes for a really fun number. 

Mura Masa, Pa Salieu, Skillibeng - Blessing Me
This one has been the song of the summer for my friends and I. Whenever you put it on, Pa instantly gets everyone hyped up. Skillibeng’s verse is unbelievably cold, and the sax adds a unique flavour too.

Ones ft. Kehina - Changes
Ones is in a lane of his own musically and stylistically. This new one is a beautifully spacey and dejected bop. The percussion always brings a subtle groove to his stuff,  and the main synth in this cut brings a super haunting element.