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Vetta Borne takes us through her 'Violeta' EP

7 April 2020 | 2:02 pm | Emma Jones

VETTA BORNE is the new project from prolific pop artist MARIBELLE, and just recently she released her debut EP, 'Violeta'.

VETTA BORNE is the new project from prolific pop artist MARIBELLE, and just recently she released her debut EP. Titled Violeta, it's a five-track journey that soundtracks not just love in all its messy glory, but also Vetta Borne's journey into complete self-acceptance with her artistic identity and voice stronger than ever before.

Entirely self-produced and recorded, Violeta is Vetta Borne's statement of who she is now. It's powerful, ambitious and bold, and sees her employing everything she's learned up until now while looking firmly into the future at where she's headed next. Each song has an insatiable groove, a hook that will get stuck in your mind after just one listen and a newly-refined songwriting approach, with each of these factors combining to make it an addictive, feel-good listen from start to finish.

From the seductive opener, 'Hey' which will induce a filthy bass face, to recent single 'Girls', Violeta is as solid as debut EPs come and lays the perfect foundation for Vetta Borne to really shine. For fans of SZAKaytranada or The Internet, this EP is the exact vibe we need to get us through right now. To get to know her a little better, Vetta Borne has taken us through each of the tracks on her debut EP, and you can read it all below.

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This song was the last song I added to the tape. I had originally written it for somebody else, but I ended up taking my acapella and producing a new vibe around it. My friend Passero played this incredible guitar riff over the chorus which really gave it that summer cruise energy.


I really wanted a guitar solo on this, and I really wanted it to sound like an intro of a TV show, like The Bold and the Beautiful. Except, this would be the official theme song of sliding back in the DM’s. Louis Shelton (Lionel Richie, Jacksons Five) sent this solo back to me and I was so impressed that he even knew what I was blabbering about.


The voice note on my phone when I started the idea of “R.I.P” is literally me singing the lyrics/melody, and then casually saying “I want this song to sound like falling in love, climaxing, floating in clouds and being hella stoned.”


The entire chorus of “Girls” are actual texts I had sent to my best friend after a few months of trying to date again. We went to a bar to dance it out, I was half sobbing, half body rolling on the dance floor. I created the song the day after.


I think we all have that person that makes your heart sink a little when you see them right? Not in a bad way, but in a bittersweet way. I wanted to create a song that felt like that painful but loving hug you give each other.

Violeta is out now.

Introduction by Emma Jones

Image: Supplied