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Tiber takes us through his new EP, 'Moments'

26 October 2017 | 10:34 am | Staff Writer

With his new EP out tomorrow, we get a sneak preview of Tiber's new EP, 'Moments' as well as a track-by-track rundown of each song!

TRENCH RECORDS family member TIBER is all about marching to the beat of his own drum. Having arrived on the scene in spectacular style late last year with the hard hitting debut single, 'Wings', Tiber has made a concerted effort to never be fully pigeonholed into one particular sound, and instead opts to explore new sonic territory with each and every release.

Fast forward a year since 'Wings', and Tiber is now on the precipice of a major milestone, releasing his EP to the world. Titled Moments, this five-track EP serves as a snapshot into the mind of Tiber. From the 8-bit influenced trap infusion of opener, 'Good 4 U', to the unique 'Late'; the pop sounds of 'All I Need' featuring Fantastic Fantastic, the romantic string section in 'Imminence' and the Ashanti-sampling closer in 'Without You', Tiber shows off his broad range of styles and influences with aplomb.

To get to know the producer a little better, and the stories behind the new EP, Tiber took the time to give us a track by track rundown of his latest release. Check it all out below, and stream the EP ahead of it's release right now!

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Good 4 U:

This song started out as an attempt to make some real sounding drums but quickly turned into something else. I kind of just wanted to push my production into something that I hadn’t really done before, so the second half of the song I just wanted to make it as crazy as possible, to me it’s kind of like a guitar solo, you never really hear that in electronic music and this was my way of doing it. Having lyrics on it was a must and I was super happy with how they turned out, I love the formant changed tone to Mark’s voice and it really works wit the tone of the track. It’s definitely a song about trying to do the best you can for your significant other, just wanting to please them to show your feelings.


A friend and I were mucking around with his microkorg and that’s how this song came about, the first melody you hear is all done on that. I was running late to meet someone so had to quickly record it and bounce, hence the name. When I got home I just got to work on it and wanted to make something that reminded me of racing through traffic trying to get somewhere important (disclaimer I don’t condone this…) like the car chase scenes you’d see in ‘Baby Driver’, at least that’s what was in my head when making it. Another friend of mine layed down those brassy stabs you hear throughout the chorus part of the track, it definitely changed the tone of the whole thing but still kept the message intact, plus they sound sick so I kept them in.

All I Need:

Originally this started as something much slower and subdued that I wrote before heading to falls fest in 2016, I had sent it to a few people and got some vocals recorded over the top, but felt they needed something more upbeat, so completely changed the feel of the beat and turned it into this song. Micke’s vocals were great to work with; they really inspired me to keep working on stuff in this direction. It’s definitely a song about two people working through their problems. They know they love each other and just want to move past everything and get back to that feeling.


When I was writing this song I was pretty fed up with the state of the political world, especially things happening overseas. I think a lot of it came from seeing what was happening in America, be it the EPA funding getting cut or the constant riots and killings. The song was meant as a warning, that if we keep going down this path we are just going to run ourselves into the ground, each day the end feels more imminent which is not a great feeling. I wanted to incorporate some natural sounds so have some samples of leaves blowing in the wind, kind of like the Earth’s way of talking back to us and to remind us that we’re all here together and if we want to keep living here we need to have some respect for each other and the planet.

Without U:

If you weren’t able to be with the person you love anymore you’d feel pretty terrible, and that’s what I tried to get across with this track. The vocal sample helped drive that message across. The first three quarters of the track kind of have a more joyous feeling of being with that person, even though there’s that underlying sense of dread that you know they might not be there forever, then with the last quarter of the track they’re stripped away from you and you have to come to the realisation that you can’t be with them anymore, so the track gets a lot darker and heavier to reflect those feelings. It kind of comes to a close with the chords at the end, knowing that you’ll be able to continue on without them, and that things do get better.

The whole idea of the Moments EP was to specify moments in a person’s life, from their love life to their general idea on the world and put it into song format.

Moments is out October 27 via Trench Records.

Image by Jack D'arcy