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Quails takes us through her new EP, 'Remedy'

25 June 2020 | 4:03 pm | Emma Jones

Sydney based singer, songwriter, producer Quails has just revealed her evocative new EP 'Remedy'.

Sydney based singer, songwriter, producer Quails has just revealed her evocative new EP Remedy. Across four tracks, she pairs her stunning, pop-adjacent vocals with brooding, intricate and rich electronica to create a sound that envelopes you completely within seconds. For fans of BANKS or more closer to home with Nicole Millar with her passionate, soaring vocals and deeper, hushed mummers, Quails' production invokes the likes of ShlohmoTa-Ku or even Flume with her approach to intricately layered production and utterly lush atmospherics. It's a winning combination, and Quails absolutely nails it across the entirety of the Remedy EP.

Following from her 2016 debut self-titled EP, Quails proves there is plenty more left in the tank with this latest release. To get to know her a bit better and to dig a little deeper into her new record, she's given us a track-by-track rundown of each track and the stories behind it. Check it all out below, and listen to Remedy here:


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I started a long-distance relationship a few years ago which in some ways took a toll on me emotionally. I used to be driving home from another state after seeing my partner and would record voice memos on my phone of melody ideas I had. "Remedy" initially was inspired by the start of my relationship with my partner but evolved into so much more than that. It's is a proclamation about the strength and togetherness of committing all-in for love and what you can accomplish with a special unity.


‘Pretend’ is one of the first songs I wrote around living with anxiety. Mental health is a topic we seem to hear a lot about more now, and that's such a great progression, but there is still ambivalence around 'anxiety'. There are a myriad of symptoms which manifest in different ways and I wanted to write from my own perspective at a time I was first coming to terms with being an anxious person, probably in some form for the rest of my life, and accepting that while it doesn't rule me, anxiety is part of me. This was also co-produced with Russ Chimes, which is really special to me as he is a producer that I have been a fan of since I heard his remix of Laura Welsh's "Cold Front".


Kind of a nod to that Mariah-esque nineties RnB, It's a twofold nod to the past because while it's kind of the music I first came out and made as Quails, it also reflects on a past experience of mine, coming through the other end of an emotionally abusive relationship and cutting through the toxicity to realise I am enough.


This was the first single I released off this EP and a really understated demo that turned into a really beautiful song. It was also the first track I worked on with Null doing production for me. I had been a fan of his and just messaged him asking to collaborate and he was thankfully keen! He is really talented and we just sort of fell into a mutual understanding. He also deserves way more attention for his original tracks!

Remedy is out now. Buy/stream here.

Introduction by Emma Jones

Image: Supplied