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Master Peace breaks down each track on his latest EP, 'Public Display of Affection'

6 July 2021 | 12:38 pm | Parry Tritsiniotis

we grabbed Master Peace to talk through each individual track on his new EP, their creation, sentiment and everything in between

Last week UK trail blazer Master Peace released his new EP, 'Public Display of Affection'. The EP is a deep foray into his personal sonic world, creating a project with a vast array of sounds and making them his own. Rather than allowing lockdown to change his style he continued to plow ahead with his intense sounds, utilising the extra timeon his hands to create a high energy collection of music.

Speaking more on the EP, Master Peace shares, “Public display of affection EP is a roller coaster of emotions; it really highlights my journey as a musician and my personal life a lot. It’s always been hard for me to articulate my personal life in a song before, so this EP really shows a side of me that people are not used to.”

The standout track from the project is ‘Boyfriend’ with Mae Muller. Rampant guitar lines combine with a looped rock drum pattern, with chant like vocals bringing the tracks elements together. Similarly, 'Overdrive', 'PDA' and 'Slow Song' showcase his versatility as an artist, featuring glowing choruses, personal story telling while boasting with confidence.

To get to know the EP even better, we grabbed Master Peace to talk through each individual track, their creation, sentiment and everything in between.

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One of my favourite songs off the ep, I wrote this one about me wanting to get back with my ex and that she was missing out on what we could have together ‘cause she found a new partner.

Boyfriend (Feat. Mae Muller)

“Boyfriend” is my upbeat indie record that just hits home from the jump, it’s a very fast paced song that completes the assignment of another indie banger! With Mae’s vocals to help enhance it.


“PDA” is a fan favourite, this song shaped the Master Peace sound to what it is today! One of the first indie songs I ever made but had add my hip pop style to it to make it pop!

Slow Song (feat. Kasien)

An underground classic this is. One of my favourites of the EP, it definitely brings back the old school master peace and leaves the fans wondering if I’m gonna be doing more of this stuff! With Kas tap dancing on the tune.

Slipping Away

'Slipping Away' is a very personal track for me, this was about my relationship with my dad and my mental health during lockdown and how it made me feel. I’ve never wrote a deep sone like that before so it definitely is one that I think people will be able to relate it too.

Hold You Back

Another personal one for me, about being in a relationship and both people are holding each other back, but we both need to grow and get past it and move on. It’s like a bittersweet song