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Alfie Templeman takes us through his new EP, 'Happiness In Liquid Form'

17 July 2020 | 2:25 pm | Emma Jones

Alfie Templeman takes us through each track on his new EP, 'Happiness In Liquid Form' out everywhere today.

Indie pop boy wonder ALFIE TEMPLEMAN has released his new EP today. Titled Happiness In Liquid Form, it's a delightfully eclectic mixed bag of bops, highlighting the 17-year-old's vast versatility and immeasurable promise as a superstar-in-waiting.

Following on from a trio of very well received EPs in 2018’s Like An Animal, and 2019’s Sunday Morning Cereal and Don’t Go Wasting Time, Templeman has created a reputation for himself as a prolific and enigmatic prodigy. His meteoric rise overseas has seen him garner critical support and a loyal fanbase, and with this latest EP he looks set to take the rest over the world for his own now too. Already finding love from the team at triple j, he's amassed millions of streams thanks to his endearing, pop-leaning indie tracks, sick fashion sense and generally charming personality to make any of his fans feel like they have a friend in him.

On Happiness In Liquid FormTempleman is bold and bright, continuing his unstoppable run in true style. For fans of BeneeRex Orange County or even closer to home with Sycco, even despite his enormous success you still get the feeling he's really just getting started. So, with that in mind, what better time to get to know him a bit better? Read on for Templeman's take on each of the tracks in his new EP, and be sure to keep one eye firmly fixed on him from now on — we're expecting even bigger things from the young rising star!

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Happiness In Liquid Form

I wrote and recorded this in about 3 hours with Justin Young (The Vaccines/ Halloween’s) and Will Bloomfield. It came together really easily because we clicked so well! Justin showed me many new ways of writing lyrics that I now practise for newer songs I make, and Will showed me some awesome production tips. A lot of people think it’s about alcohol but that never even crossed my mind somehow when writing it. I actually see it as a song about rain weirdly enough. But then again I’m 17!

Things I Thought Were Mine

I always tell people I’m gonna write a pop song. Guess this is the first! I was messing around on logic pro and found this really smart sounding synth. And that is what you hear as soon as you click play. Interesting thing about this song is that you probably count it wrong when it starts playing. The synth-lead rhythm is different to the bass, which is also different to the drums. So it’s probably gonna be hard to nail live, but equally exciting. In terms of lyrics, it’s just about losing out in life and not being able to hold onto things you value a lot.

Maybe This Is Time

A nod to Todd. Todd Rundgren that is, along with Emitt Rhodes. These guys both make amazing singer songwriter tunes that I’ve always adored. I wanted to make something really tight with those Ringo Starr drums and sweet vocal melodies. It’s a lovely early 70s soft rock track.

Obvious Guy

Getting real funky and cool here. Nick Hodgson (Kaiser Chiefs) produced this one. Incredibly cool guy. This is about being a bit of an idiot and getting too serious in arguments and bringing up the elephant in the room when you’re having a go at someone which only makes things worse.

Wish I Was Younger

Kinda just a 2000s R&B bop about wishing you were younger when you met your soulmate. Simple as really!

My Best Friend

This one’s got strong Eilish vibes. I made it really quickly in my bedroom just by messing around with my bass and it turned out cool so I got my girlfriend Sitara to do backing vocals and then hit up Jess from Coach Party to do a verse. It’s a really great finishing song because it leaves you wondering where I’m gonna go next! And boy it’s good...

Happiness In Liquid Form is out now via Chess Records/AWAL. Buy/stream here.

Introduction by Emma Jones

Photo credit: Blackksocks